Makai Polk

  • WR Bulldogs
  • Junior
  • #234
  • 6'3"
  • 200lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern
Mississippi State Bulldogs

2021 Season









Prospect Summary

Makai aligns at wide receiver for the Bulldog Air Raid offense. He is a good athlete with excellent body control and sufficient agility as a route runner. In the run game, he has good length, strength and competitive toughness. This projects him with at least sufficient ability as a stalk blocker in the run game. Their offense doesn’t run the ball much but there is nothing in his skill set to suggest that he cannot be effective. However, he makes his money in the passing game. He has sufficient play speed. He does good work in the short to intermediate areas. He has strong hands at the catch point and displays good route running ability. Doesn’t create much separation at the top of the route. He’s likely not a person who will with with the deep ball. However, coordinators that use create sets and formations will value his solid contributions in the passing game

Ideal Role: Rotational WR

Scheme Fit: West coast offense


Written by Drae Harris

Games watched: Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Ole Miss

Best Game Studied: TAMU

Worst Game Studied: TTU

Route Running: He does a sufficient job running routes. He has good ability to drive a defender off the ball and drop his weight to get out. He doesn’t create much separation at the top of the route.

Hands: He was targeted many times over the course of the season and secured many off-target throws. He had a few drops but nothing alarming in this regard. He shows strong hands as a natural hands catcher of the football.

Separation: This isn’t a strength of his game. He’s not an overly dynamic athlete, so he lacks good separation quickness at the top of the route. He also likely isn’t going to separate with deep speed, as well.

Release: He has adequate release skills off the line of scrimmage. He likely will improve this aspect with pro coaching. He could also develop better upper body strength to win in that regard, as well.

Run After Catch: He has sufficient RAC ability in space. While he likely will not out run many defenders, he has enough speed to make an impact. He also does a good job of making an initial defender miss after the catch.

Ball Skills: He has excellent ball skills. He has very good wingspan and his ability to secure off target balls is very good. He also secures the catch with natural hands.

Football IQ: He shows a good understanding of underneath coverage, as a route runner. He’s careful not to run into coverage and shows good awareness with regards to staying in bounds, when catching on the boundary.

Versatility: He lacks true versatility. As a result, he’s likely an outside receiver only. He could be used in big slot alignments, as well.

Competitive Toughness: He displays the competitive toughness to secure the catch when contact is imminent. He competes really hard in contested catch situations when the ball is in the air.

Big Play Ability: He likely wont be a deep threat which will limit his big play potential. He has some RAC ability and can get extra yardage as a ball carrier. He is very good in contested catch situations, as well.


Crabbs Grade: 70.00/100 (Fifth Round Value)