NFL Draft

LaBryan Ray

  • IDL Crimson Tide
  • Senior
  • #--
  • 6'5"
  • 295lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern

Prospect Summary

LaBryan Ray is a redshirt senior prospect that has been a part of the Alabama football program since the 2017 season. Ray has an in-depth injury history, suffering a season-ending injury during his freshman year, and has suffered injuries that have caused him to miss games every year since then. Physically, Ray has an impressive overall frame, possessing a muscular upper half, a thick, strong lower half, and impressive overall length. Ray is a career-long rotational defensive lineman that has played multiple positions within Alabama’s multiple front. He is primarily utilized as an early-down interior defensive lineman to stop the run. Ray has strong hands at the point of attack that allows him to press offensive linemen and disengage to make the tackle. Ray plays the run with good discipline as he is able to consistently maintain outside leverage and set the edge when need be. As a pass rusher, Ray can use some improvement, as his go-to move is a bull rush. Overall, Ray is a big and strong interior defensive lineman that will have value early on in his career as a run defender while he tries to develop a pass rush skill set to become a three-down interior defensive lineman in the NFL.

Ideal Role: A run-defending defensive lineman.

Scheme Fit: As a 3-4 DE where he can use his strength to play the run first and use his strength to absorb blocks and keep second-level defenders free.


Written by Keith Sanchez

Games watched: Texas A&M (2021), Arkansas (2021), LSU (2021), Ole Miss (2021), Mississippi State (2021)

Best Game Studied: Auburn (2021)

Worst Game Studied: Mississippi State (2021)

First-Step Explosiveness: Ray has limited quick-twitch movements which limit his first-step explosiveness. The lack of first-step explosiveness affects him against the pass and run. Against the run, his late movement allows blockers to reach-block him in zone schemes. And against the pass, offensive linemen are able to get into their pass set quickly and prepare to anchor on Ray.

Flexibility: Ray is a long, linear, high-hipped athlete that has glaring upper-body and lower-body stiffness issues. Ray’s stiffness affects his ability to redirect when working down the line of scrimmage. His limited flexibility also affects his ability to turn the edge on tackles in pass-rush situations when trying to get to the quarterback.

Hand Counters: Ray has good hand counters and excels at hand combat on the interior. Has strong hands that he uses to keep offensive linemen from reaching his chest plate. A technician at extending and disengaging from offensive linemen.

Hand Power: Ray has really strong hands that he uses to shock offensive linemen and stop them in their tracks. His hand power is evident in his ability to control offensive linemen at the line of scrimmage. Strong hands is one of his best traits as it allows him to consistently lock and shed offensive linemen in the run game.

Run Defending: Ray is a solid run defender. Consistently completed the shock and shed sequence to make a tackle on the interior. Also is a textbook edge defender in his agility to set the edge and keep his outside arm free to make plays. Needs to improve as a zone scheme player. His lack of athleticism allows for him to get reach-blocked and out-leveraged.

Effort/Motor: As a defensive lineman, Ray plays with a good motor. He’s part of a rotation at Alabama that keeps him fresh so he can consistently give good effort on plays. Limited athletic traits affect his ability to make plays but he plays with a good motor and makes an effort to chase ball-carriers down the field.

Football IQ: Ray’s football IQ is average. Has an in-depth understanding of how to play the run but lacks instincts in other aspects of the game. Slow reactor against screens and draw plays. Plays the game with a one-track mind, which is to stop the run.

Lateral Mobility: Stiffness is a glaring issue for Ray. It limits his lateral mobility and his ability to quickly change direction. Throughout his evaluation, there were many examples of his limited ability to redirect, which affect his ability to make plays against the run. His lateral mobility also hinders his ability to prevent offensive linemen from reach-blocking him in zone blocking schemes.

Core/Functional Strength: Ray is a big, strong player so brute strength is an asset of his. Showed the ability to occupy double teams and allow his linebackers to roam freely. Also has enough upper-body strength to line up head-up on offensive linemen and hold the point of attack.

Versatility: Throughout his career. Ray has lined up all over the defensive line. Playing everywhere from a 0-tech lined up directly on the center to playing a 5-tech. Primarily an early-down run defender that is taken off the field on obvious passing down situations due to his lack of atheism and ability to generate a consistent pass rush.


TDN Consensus: 69.00/100 (Sixth Round Value)

Sanchez Grade: 69.00/100