Jordan Battle NFL Draft

Jordan Battle

  • SAF Alabama
  • Senior
  • #34
  • 6'1"
  • 206lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern

2022 Season









Prospect Summary

Jordan Battle NFL Draft Scouting Report

SAF, Alabama Crimson Tide

Jordan Battle is a senior defensive back that played more than 50 games for the Crimson Tide. On a talented Alabama defense, Battle has emerged as one of the leaders, both vocally and also with his high-level play on the field. Battle is a versatile defensive back that has played both strong and free safety, in one-high or two-high schemes, while also aligning in the nickel position and playing in the box. At each position, Battle has made high-IQ plays and makes plays in both the run game and pass game. 

Battle appears to have good overall size and length that combined with his fluid movement skills give him a lot of tackling range as a run defender. Battle has the ability to close quickly from distance (10-15 yards) and make technically-sound tackles on runners. Battle also shows to have a physical temperament and an aggressive nature to his game. When he can properly line up the ball carrier, he will seek the big hit. In today’s game where the screen game is an extension of the run game, Battle does a good job of quickly diagnosing developing screen plays and accelerating to disrupt the play with physical play. Battle’s IQ, athleticism, and physicality make him a high-level run defender. 

In pass coverage, there are many things to like about Battle as a defensive back. Battle appears to have fluid hips that allow for him to make smooth transitions when he has to flip his hips and run with defenders. He also shows to have plus-level speed in that he can carry receivers vertically and run with them stride for stride down the field. But Battle’s best plays come when he can play 10-12 yards off the ball in a flat-foot read and play the robber role to read and diagnose route combinations. From this position, Battle can jump routes to make the interception or he can deliver the big hit to receivers on crossing routes. Battle has sideline-to-sideline speed, which shows he has good range to make plays on the football. Battle moved from taking most of his snaps closer to the line of scrimmage to playing the free safety position, which affected his overall ball production but the athletic ability is still present in Battle’s game.  

Battle is a prospect with a lot of high-level traits, but there are minor details of his game that he can work to improve. As a run defender, Battle will take bad angles over-pursuing or under-pursuing the ball carrier, which leads to him having to lunge at the ball carrier and missing the tackle. In man-to-man coverage, Battle will at times lose proper leverage to receivers and they are able to get open. Battle will struggle with quicker explosive receivers who run short to intermediate routes. 

Overall, Battle is a prospect that has many high-level traits. Battle should be able to step in and instantly fill a strong safety position role for an NFL team, and also be able to contribute at other positions on the field. 

Top Reasons to Buy In:

  • Versatile defensive back (safety) 
  • High-IQ player 
  • Fluid movement skills 
  • Physicality as a tackler

Top Reasons For Concern:

  • Consistency as a tackler
  • Man-to-man coverage

Size (NFL Combine):

Height: 6′ 1”

Weight: 209 lbs

Arm Length: 32”

Hand Size: 8 1/2”

Athletic Testing (NFL Combine):

40-yard Dash: 4.55s

Vertical Jump: TBD

Broad Jump: TBD

Short-Shuttle: TBD

Three-Cone: TBD

Bench Reps: 17 reps

Ideal Role: Strong safety

Scheme Fit:  Scheme versitile

TDN Consensus Grade: 83.00/100 (Second-Round Value)

  • Sanchez Grade: 83.00/100

Written By: Keith Sanchez 

Exposures: Tennessee (2022), Texas (2022), Ole Miss (2022), Auburn (2022), LSU (2022)

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