Joe Alt NFL Draft

Joe Alt

  • OT Notre Dame
  • Junior
  • #8
  • 6'7"
  • 305lbs
  • Prospect
  • IA Independents

Prospect Summary

Joe Alt NFL Draft Scouting Report


Height: 6’8″ | Weight: 315 lbs


2022 Associated Press All-American First Team • 2022 FWAA All-American Second Team • 2021 Shaun Alexander Freshman of the Year Watch List

Joe Alt has the physical stature, movement skills, and on-field play that screams franchise left tackle.” 


  • Outstanding combo of size and athleticism
  • Zone scheme fit
  • Lateral agility


  • Hand technique
  • Waist bending
  • Balance

In-play Film Analysis: 

Joe Alt is an impressive athlete for his size. His basketball and tight-end background shows up with his movement skills and lateral agility. He has light and nimble feet to move laterally and effectively. I appreciated his lower-body flexibility to consistently and comfortably work out of a three-point stance. 

Alt is more effective as a wash-down blocker using the defender’s momentum against them down the line of scrimmage. He is a good double-team/tandem blocker in the run game. On these duo blocks, he helps create cut-back lanes for his running back to find daylight at the second level of the defense. His athleticism is apparent when called to pull as a lead blocker in space. 

The quickness he plays with at the snap is impressive for such a large human being. He can pop off the ball and make contact with his defender quickly. Alt’s football IQ stands out as he identifies blitzes, twists, and stunts. He passes off those creative pressure tactics by the defensive line well. He can quick/jump set rushers to nullify their momentum and not allow them to gear up to full speed. Alt uses diagonal pass sets to meet steep-angle rushers at the apex/top of the rush, cutting off their access to the outside arc. 

While Alt does a good job using his feet to stop forward momentum and anchoring down. He allows rushers too much access to his chest, impacting his balance. For an offensive lineman with his wingspan, I would like to see him dictate the action with strong and calculated punches in pass protection. He uses two-hand punches which can lock his hips. Alt has the tendency to bend at the waist and lean heavily into defenders. This opens him up for quick swim moves and the push/pull technique to quickly displace him from the rep. Combining late punches with his wide-hand carriage makes his process for success a little more difficult than needed.

Prospect Projection: Day 1 – Pro Bowl Caliber

Written By: Damian Parson

Last Updated: May 30, 2023

Exposures: Clemson (22), Ohio St. (22), Boston College (22), USC (22), So. Carolina (22)

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