Jashaun Corbin

  • RB Seminoles
  • Sophomore
  • #--
  • 6'
  • 215lbs
  • Prospect
  • Atlantic Coast

2021 Season









Prospect Summary

A 4-star recruit out of Florida, Jashaun Corbin originally committed to Florida State but followed Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M where he immediately became a factor. An SEC All-Freshman selection in 2018, he showcased his versatility as a runner, receiver, and kick returner. A torn hamstring after two games in 2019 sidelined him for the season and impacted his performance into the 2020 campaign and he transferred to Florida State. Fully healthy in 2021, Corbin was the best version of himself and turned in his best season. Corbin is a physical and powerful downhill runner that thrived in 2021 when the Seminoles incorporated gap-style runs to take advantage of his strengths. Being a deep-set back that was provided with a runway and defined track with the football allowed his “run to daylight” mindset, power, burst, and contact balance to take over. He features a stocky build and low center of gravity that enables him to absorb contact, break tackles, and win after contact. He has terrific vision once he breaks the second level and impressively strings together cuts that are timed well off his blocks. Corbin is a strong pass blocker that is a good processor that executes with sound technique and has the frame to absorb rushers. He has been a flashy receiver but his production has been modest. He was mostly used in the screen game and on Texas routes where he found success. Timing issues prevented him from being a bigger factor in the screen game, which was far more a function of the quarterback. Corbin projects well to an RB2 or RB3 role at the next level, where he is provided chances to bang between the tackles and used in pass protection. I do believe he is best suited for a gap run-blocking scheme to maximize his ability.

Ideal Role: RB2/3 with heavy usage in short-yardage and pass protection

Scheme Fit: Gap


Written by Joe Marino 

Games watched: Notre Dame (2021), Louisville (2021), Miami (2021), UMass (2021), North Carolina (2021)

Best Game Studied: Louisville (2021)

Worst Game Studied: Miami (2021)

Vision: Corbin feasted in 2021 when Florida State embraced more gap-style runs for him where he can take advantage of being a deep-set back, which provide runways and defined tracks for him with the football. Corbin is a no-nonsense, run-to-daylight runner that makes good decisions with the football. His vision in space at the second level is terrific.

Footwork: Corbin functions from a balanced base and footwork that maintains square pads. He makes well-timed cuts that effectively work off blocks to attack space. While he makes fairly sudden cuts, his burst off his plant foot can be modest.

Contact Balance: Corbin is built for yards after contact. He features a stocky frame with a low center of gravity that easily absorbs contact. He maximizes his chances to produce after contact with a competitive spirit and a powerful lower body.

Durability: Corbin claimed the largest workload of his career in 2021 and it was the first time that he was truly “the guy” for his backfield. He enters the NFL with less than 400 touches from scrimmage. He did have a significant hamstring injury in 2019 that lingered into the 2020 season, but he played his best football in 2021.

Explosiveness: Corbin has good explosiveness for his size. He claimed his share of chunk runs in 2021 with massive gains against Notre Dame, Louisville, and UMass. He has the burst needed to break pursuit angles from linebackers, but some of that will be mitigated at the next level.

Versatility: Corbin projects best as a gap runner that functions best between the tackles. He has been a flashy receiver but his production has been fairly modest. He was terrific in pass protection from my exposures and he projects well to that type of role in the NFL. Corbin does have 24 kick returns for his career, including a touchdown back in 2018.

Elusiveness: Corbin has sufficient elusiveness for the style of runner that he is but isn’t a stop-on-a-dime and juke-you-out-of-your-shoes type of guy. He’s a power runner with good burst. He shows some tightness when driving off his plant foot and as a route-runner.

Ball Security: Corbin was secure with the football in my exposures and held it high and tight. He has three career fumbles on 379 touches. Ball security was hardly an issue for him in college.

Passing Down Skills: Corbin’s best ability on passing downs is pass protection, where he processes well and has the technique, power, and frame to excel at the next level. He has been a flashy receiver that FSU tried to get involved more in 2021 with mixed results. The Louisville game showcased the best of him as a receiver despite a drop in that contest. The Notre Dame game revealed some timing issues that were a function of the erratic quarterback play in that game. He can help on passing downs but there is something left to prove for sure as a receiver.

Discipline: Corbin is a reliable ball-carrier that takes smart tracks with the football that are within his skill set. He is a downhill runner and found plenty of success in the gap-style runs Florida State incorporated in 2021.


Marino Grade: 69.00/100 (Sixth Round Value)