Jared Verse NFL Draft
Jared Verse

Jared Verse

  • EDGE Florida State
  • Junior
  • #--
  • 6'4"
  • 250lbs
  • Prospect
  • Atlantic Coast

Prospect Summary

Jared Verse NFL Draft Scouting Report


Height: 6’4” | Weight: 250 lbs


2022 First Team All-American • 2022 First Team All-ACC• 2022 Florida State Defensive MVP

“Jared Verse has an explosive first step combined with the natural ability to bend and turn the corner, which makes him a consistent sack threat.”


  • Versatile pass-rush plan 
  • Explosive first step rushing the passer
  • Great bend and flexibility 
  • Natural athlete/lateral agility 
  • Great functional strength 
  • High motor 


  • Diagnose run blocking 
  • How to deconstruct blocks in the run game 
  • Maintaining gap integrity 

In-play Film Analysis: 

Jared Verse is a versatile edge defender that has shown to be able to make an impact from multiple alignments and positions along the Florida State defensive front. Verse makes his biggest impact for Florida State as a pass rusher, where he has shown that he can be a reliable and disruptive defender. 

Rushing the passer, Verse showcases to have a detailed and versatile pass-rush plan, executing multiple initial and counter moves. Verse uses his quick first step to dictate the pace of the pass rush and then does a good job deciding to continue to win around the arc or use his lateral agility to redirect for an inside counter move. When Verse enters into combat with the offensive lineman, he has shown to have a wide array of moves, being able to properly execute a cross chop, rip move, spin move, speed-to-power bull rush, or a long-arm to collapse the pocket. While Verse can properly execute all of these moves, it appears that his go-to and most difficult move to stop is his speed rush along the arc—he showcases great bend around the arc and the ability to get under offensive linemen and tighten his angle toward the quarterback for the sack. 

While Verse appears to have all of the physical tools to be a natural pass rusher, there is some room for improvement in how he plays against the run. When Verse is aligned on the outside shade of the offensive tackle, he does a good job of keeping outside leverage, but there are instances where he gets upfield and runs himself out of the play creating a running lane. Verse will also attempt to defeat blocks by evading defenders, but this results in the loss of gap integrity. 

Overall, Verse flashes potential to be a dominant pass rusher on the next level and improvement to how he plays the run will make him a more well-rounded player and one of the top picks in this upcoming draft. 

Prospect Projection: Day 1 — Pro Bowl Caliber 

Written By: Keith Sanchez 

Last Updated: June 1, 2023

Exposures: LSU (2022), Louisville (2022), Clemson (2022), Miami (2022), Oklahoma (2022)

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