Jalyn Armour-Davis

  • CB Crimson Tide
  • Junior
  • #--
  • 6'1"
  • 192lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern

2022 Season









Prospect Summary

Jalyn Armour-Davis is a redshirt junior from Mobile, Alabama. Davis was a career rotational player for the Crimson Tide making key contributions on special teams until the 2021 season. Davis won the starting position entering the season and played well throughout the season. Recording thirty two tackles, and a team high three interceptions. Davis showed versatility in his game in being able to play both press man, and mix in off zone principles. Athletically Davis is a quick twitch athlete that  has a great make up speed and the proven ball skills to make key plays at the boundary corner position.  ON the next level Davis will have to improve some technical flaws but he has the athleticism and proven ball skills for him to be worth the investment for teams. 

 Ideal Role:Developmental starting outside corner, rotational player early on in career

Scheme Fit: Has the athleticism to play in multiple schemes.


Written by Keith Sanchez

Games watched: Miami (2021), Texas A&M (2021), Ole Miss (2021), Florida (2021) 

Best Game Studied: Florida (2021)

Worst Game Studied: Texas A&M (2021)

Man Coverage Skills: In man to man Armour-Davis prefers to press and get in the face of the receivers. At the line of scrimmage he shows to have good length that he can use to disrupt receivers timing in their release. Into the route Armour-Davis likes to play in a trail technique and trusts his make up speed to be able to accelerate and break up passes in the deeper portions of the field.

Zone Coverage: As a zone defender Armour shows well. When in off zone coverage, he does a good job of temping out of his pedal and has the ability to break down hill on the ball once it is released by the quarterback. In zone is where Armour’s speed really shows because he can effectively stay on top of receivers and plays his one effectively when it’s Cover 3 or Cover 4 concepts.

Ball Skills: Ball skills are one of Amour-Davis’s better traits. In his first season as a starter he was able to record three interceptions and multiple PBU’s which is a testament to his ability to locate and track the football. Once Armour-Davis knows the ball is thrown he stays patient and is able to shift his focus from playing the receiver to paying the ball which is a key part of his success with being a disruptive pass defender.

Tackling: Armour-Davis is a high effort and willing tackler. In the run game Davis works to shed blockers and make a tackle on the ball carrier. With that being said he is not a big physical tackler and will usually try to cut ball carriers down by diving at their legs.

Versatility: In the Alabama scheme he is asked to play in both man and zone which he dos well. Davis also shows that he can lay both off and press coverage. Overall Davis looks to be most comfortable when he is in a press alignment and can use his length to become disruptive.

Competitive Toughness: I would say that Armour-Davis is a high level competitor and it shows it multiple ways. When offenses are running screens to his side he works hard to shed the lockers and make the play. His competitive toughness is also shown in the pass game. If he gets beat he gives a good effort to get back in phase and make a play on the football

Functional Athleticism: This player shows to be a high level athlete. On the field he has really good acceleration and burst to close to ball carriers and make a play. He also showed well in testing events running a 4.39 40 yard dash showing that he has both play speed and true testing speed.

Football IQ: Armour-Davis’s IQ is evident in many facet so this game. When in zone coverage I thought he did a really good job playing the receiver to the QB’s eyes to keep himself in position to make a play on the f football. I also thought he showed to do a really good job understanding route concepts and being able to jump passes that were thrown into his zone.

Run Defending: For a corner Armour-Davis is a good run defender. He shows good technique in his ability to defeat blocks and get to the ball carrier on the edges of the defender. Like most corners I would not consistently put him in situations where he is solely responsible, to bring ball carries to the ground but he shows that he is more than willing and doesn’t run from contact.

Length: Watching the film there is nothing about Armour Davis’s length that stocks out on film but he utilizes his length well enough. There are multiple examples of him sticking his arm out at the last second to make a play on the football. So while his length may not be great I don’t believe it negatively impacts his game because he has good ball skills.


TDN Consensus: 72.33/100 (Fourth Round Value)

Crabbs Grade: 73.00/100

Marino Grade: 72.00/100

Sanchez Grade: 72.00/100