Isaiah Land NFL Draft

Isaiah Land

  • EDGE Florida A&M
  • Senior
  • #321
  • 6'4"
  • 215lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southwestern Athletic

2022 Season









Prospect Summary

Isaiah Land 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Product of Grayson High School 
  • Named Buck Buchanan Award winner (National Defensive Player of the Year) in 2021 
  • Led country in sacks (19) and tackles for loss (25.5) in 2021


  • Scheme tendencies: Primarily even front defense with different gap exchanges and stunts
  • 2022 projected role:  Pass rusher from a three-point stance

Pros: As the sack leader of the FCS last season, it was easy to see why Isaiah Land could be so disruptive. He’s a twitchy athlete with a quick trigger to fire off the ball while still being able to redirect on a dime in multiple situations. Whether it’s oversetting tackles where he hits a quick inside move, pulling guards where he gets under the pull with a smooth inside maneuver, or on stunts as he loops around and shoots the open gap, Land demonstrates a high level of athletic fluidity that will serve him well at the next level. He manufactures power well for his size, primarily winning his pass rushes with a wide speed rush or speed to power—he’s able to shock and shed much larger tackles. In the run game, despite his lack of mass, he is not often overpowered as much as you’d imagine. He’s able to hold his gap using leverage and strength. What I loved most about Land as a prospect is the sheer closing speed he possesses. He’s not easily fooled on zone reads or as a pitch read. Before the play even gets a chance to develop, it seems he’s already set camp at the mesh point. He tenaciously chases down backs even being on the backside of zone runs, essentially serving as another second-level defender from anywhere on the field because of his desire and athletic ability.

Cons: Isaiah Land is a raw prospect. The size is a big issue. I felt rather underwhelmed by his presence at the line of scrimmage. He was often unable to challenge tackles’ strength, which kept him from making an impact on the playside in the run game. I believe he could benefit from adding mass given his impressive natural athletic ability. Another part of Land’s game that needs work is his arsenal of pass-rush moves. If his speed rush doesn’t work, he doesn’t have many countermoves to stay involved. It will be important for him to develop a more diverse array of moves to be able to compete at the next level.

Isaiah Land NFL Draft Scouting Report