Eric Johnson

  • IDL Bears
  • Graduate
  • #--
  • 6'5"
  • 298lbs
  • Prospect
  • Missouri Valley

Prospect Summary

Eric aligns as an IDL in their defense.He has also been out on the edge in some exposures. Eric is a sufficient level athlete with regards to agility and body control. In the run game he shows some upside. He is strong at the point of attack. He appears to have good length and some power in his hips and hands. He uses it to disengage and get to the football. In the passing game, he is adequate in this regard. He has some rush moves that help him have success when single blocked against guards. He’s not as effective against double teams but uses strength and power to combat this. He’s not ideally suited to be a 3 down player at this juncture, but has redeeming value in his size, length and his ability to defend the run.

Ideal Role: Rotational IDL

Scheme Fit: Multi-scheme fit


Written by Drae Harris

Games watched: SIU, ISU, IND ST

Best Game Studied: SIU

Worst Game Studied: IND St

First-Step Explosion: He has sufficient get off. He plays with sufficient initial quickness off the snap. I’d consider him a player who is stronger than he is explosive.

Flexibility: He plays with sufficient flexibility. He’d likely be able to defend double teams with better effectiveness with improved pad level. It would also help improve his ability to rush the passer.

Hand Counters: He could improve his ability to counter with his hands. He appears to lack a pass rush repertoire on the inside but could help himself with learning to use his hands better.

Hand Power: He displays some power in his hips and hands. He has moments of coming off the ball to strike. He jolts an offensive lineman back, can disengage and get to the ball carrier.

Run Defending: This is certainly a strength of his game. He doesn a good job holding the point of attack, then uses his length to disengage. He also sufficiently moves laterally to the football.

Effort: He does a sufficient job of playing hard. This is evident in pursuit of the ball carrier. However his effectiveness late in games seems to taper off a bit.

Football IQ: He plays with sufficient level instincts and football IQ. This is evident in his ability to peek and shed as an interior player. However, he generally does a good job of getting to the football when the play is declared.

Lateral Mobility: His sufficient ability to move laterally is evident in his pursuit of the ball carrier. He does a good job using his strength and length to hold the point. His ability to get the ball carrier by moving laterally is a strength of his game.

Core/Functional Strength: He is a strong player who does a good job holding the point. He also displays the core strength in his hips and hands to disengage and get to the football.

Versatility: I believe he has schematic versatility. He has the size and skill set to play in an even or odd front.


Marino Grade: 70.50/100 (Fifth Round Value)