Devonte Wyatt
Georgia Bulldogs

Devonte Wyatt

  • IDL Bulldogs
  • Senior
  • #--
  • 6'3"
  • 307lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern
TDN 100 TDN100 Prospect
Georgia Bulldogs

Top Traits

Lateral Mobility

Don't mistake him for a linear athlete. Wyatt is very good at scraping and flowing along the LOS as well as firing off into a gap and redirecting.

Lateral Mobility

Devonte Wyatt

For a big man, Wyatt displays outstanding lateral mobility. He is light on his feet and can cross gaps with ease, showing quickness and coordination. He can bend, flip his hips, and change direction in space. He has tremendous range in the running game and makes plays sideline to sideline. 

Run Defending

Wyatt is a well rounded player and showcased himself very well against the run opposite fellow Georgia IDL Jordan Davis.

Run Defending

Devonte Wyatt

Wyatt is a good run defender overall and definitely has the skill set to be an effective player in this phase at the next level. He has an above average anchor and can hold his own at the point of attack against single blocks. There are times he loses ground to double teams and gets washed out of his assignment. He flashes quickness to penetrate and consistently makes tackles for losses. He has outstanding range and makes plays up and down the line of scrimmage. 

First Step Explosiveness

Wyatt is a high-twitch defender inside who, when allowed to attack the backfield, is capable of creating tons of chaos.

First Step Explosiveness

Devonte Wyatt

Wyatt displays very good quickness off the snap and consistently was able to gain the edges of guards inside. He fires off low to the ground and was able to be a valuable interior penetrator for the Georgia defense. His quick, explosive, and can shoot gaps with excellent timing. 

Prospect Summary

Georgia’s Devonte Wyatt has been a four-year contributor for the Bulldog defense and has improved with each season. As a senior, Wyatt has seemingly put everything together and had a breakout season, which has earned him a trip to the Senior Bowl. Wyatt is an excellent athlete inside, displaying quickness and burst to penetrate gaps. He is a disruptive interior rusher with the quickness to win the edges inside and shoot gaps.

Wyatt plays with good balance and has excellent change of direction and lateral mobility. He has very good speed overall to cross offensive linemen’s faces and is excellent with his hands, showing an ability to tie rush moves together inside. Wyatt is susceptible to power in the running game and there are times he loses gap integrity, especially when forced to face double teams. He has just average power overall and wins primarily with his first-step quickness and motor.

A versatile defender, Wyatt can align anywhere along the line of scrimmage. having had success playing 0-tech all the way to rushing outside at 7-tech. A player whose best football is still ahead of him, Wyatt has the size, length, pass rush instincts, and athleticism to develop into a consistent interior rusher at the next level.

Ideal Role: Three-down interior defensive lineman who has positional versatility.

Scheme Fit: Even front 3-technique.


Written by Brentley Weissman

Games watched: Alabama (2021), Clemson (2021), Kentucky (2021)

Best Game Studied: Kentucky (2021)

Worst Game Studied: Clemson (2021)

First Step Quickness: See Above.

Flexibility: A loose and fluid athlete, Wyatt demonstrates the flexibility to slip through the edges of blocks. He shows good ankle flexion to bend at the top of his rush and get home to the quarterback. You see his ability to change direction when he drops to play in the open field.

Hand Counters: Wyatt displays very good hand use with a wide array of rush moves and counters. He flashes an outstanding strike-and-snatch move to quickly disengage and free himself from the grasp of offensive linemen. Thanks to his excellent motor, Wyatt works his hands to the very end of the play.

Hand Pop: Wyatt doesn’t have the strongest of hands but he can knock linemen back when he has good forward momentum and leverage. He primarily wins with an explosive first step, hand timing, and placement.

Run Defending: See Above.

Effort: Wyatt plays the game with excellent effort. He always fights to the whistle and will work to uncover until the very end. He chases plays down backside and will get production late in the down because he never stops working. 

Football I.Q: An instinctual player, Wyatt displays good football IQ in both phases of the game. He rarely lets himself get trapped and is always in good position on misdirection plays. He shows an above average ability to read blocking schemes and is quick to sniff out screens.

Lateral Mobility: See Above.

Functional Strength: While Wyatt displays good functional strength overall, he won’t get mistaken for an overly powerful player at the point of attack. He flashes a good ability to hold the point of attack and also win with a bull rush but this isn’t an explosive knock-back player at the point of attack. 

Versatility: Wyatt is a very versatile player, showing an ability to align at various spots on the defensive front. He wins playing 1-technique, 3-technique, and even lines up in a two-point stance playing 7-technique rushing from the edge.


TDN Consensus: 85.70/100 (First Round Value)

Crabbs Grade: 85.50/100

Marino Grade: 87.00/100

Sanchez Grade: 86.50/100

Weissman Grade: 84.50/100

Parson Grade: 85.00/100