Dee Winters NFL Draft
Dee Winters

Dee Winters

  • LB TCU
  • Senior
  • #84
  • 6'1"
  • 230lbs
  • Prospect
  • Big 12

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Dee Winters

Dee Winters

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Dee Winters NFL Draft Scouting Report

LB, TCU Horned Frogs

Dee Winters was a linebacker for the TCU Horned Frogs who entered the year as one of the team’s captains. He led TCU to a national championship appearance. Winters originally started his career at safety and made the transition to linebacker. Winters quickly showed the instincts to play the linebacker position and became a versatile second-level defender, aligning at all linebacker positions and playing nickel. He was very productive, leading the team in tackles in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Winters was not only a productive tackler, but his skill set from previously playing safety shows in his three interceptions over the past two years. Winters finished the 2022 season with 79 tackles, one fumble recovery, and one interception returned for a touchdown—showcasing that he is a versatile second-level defender with athletic ability that allows him to make plays. Winters’ athleticism allows him to make plus-level plays against the run and on passing downs. 

As a run defender, Winters is best when he is on called run blitzes and he can use his speed and quickness to shoot gaps. Winters does a good job of timing the snap right and getting into the backfield to make a play on the ball carrier. Winter has exceptional acceleration and closing speed to the ball carrier and can chase down most players. Winters is a versatile tackler in that he can wrap and drag down ball carriers or he can deliver the big hit when necessary. Winters appears to be comfortable on called run blitzes, which allows him to attack the line of scrimmage and be a disruptive defender. 

In pass coverage, Winters’ experience as a former defensive back shows in both zone and man coverage. In zone coverage, Winter can flip hips and get great depth on his zone drops. He does a good job of understanding route combinations and can properly pass off crossing receivers and maintain discipline in his zone drop. Winters also shows that he can plant and drive on the football to disrupt a play for a PBU or interception. In man-to-man coverage, Winters’ athleticism allows him to comfortably cover running backs, tight ends, and some slot receivers. Winters showed to have the speed to carry vertically with receivers and make a play on the ball down the field. He also has the short-area quickness to match up with running backs out of the backfield who run option routes to get open underneath. 

Winters’ improvements as a defender center around him improving his ability to play the run—both diagnosing run plays and deconstructing blocks. Winters appears to be hesitant against the run when he has to key and diagnose and work downhill. It appears that WInters needs more reps making quick decisions in the box and pulling his trigger to attack downhill and make a play close to the line of scrimmage. Because Winters is delayed in pulling his trigger, it allows for offensive linemen to work to him and makes his ability to shed offensive linemen more difficult. Winters has the speed to beat defenders to a spot and could benefit in the run game by just making a quick decision, attacking downhill, and making an effective tackle.

Top Reasons to Buy In:

  • Range as a second-level defender 
  • Short-area quickness 
  • Leadership/high character 

Top Reasons For Concern: 

  • Ability to deconstruct blocks 
  • Key and diagnose in the run game 

Size (NFL Combine):

Height: 5′ 11”

Weight: 227 lbs

Arm Length: 31 5/8”

Hand Size: 8 5/8”

Athletic Testing (NFL Combine):

40-yard Dash: 4.49s

Vertical Jump: 30.5”

Broad Jump: 9′ 9”

Short-Shuttle: TBD

Three-Cone: TBD

Bench Reps: TBD

Ideal Role: Starting linebacker

Scheme Fit: 4-3 WILL Linebacker or nickel linebacker 

TDN Consensus Grade:79.00/100 (Third-Round Value)

  • Sanchez Grade: 79.00/100

Written By: Keith Sanchez 

Exposures:  Oklahoma State (2022), Texas (2022),  Kansas State (2022), Michigan (2022), Georgia (2022)

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