Christian Mahogany
Christian Mahogany

Christian Mahogany

  • IOL Eagles
  • Junior
  • #--
  • 6'3"
  • 335lbs
  • Prospect
  • Atlantic Coast

Prospect Summary

Christian Mahogany NFL Draft Scouting Report


Height: 6’3” | Weight: 330 lbs


Second Team All-ACC (2021)

“Christian Mahogany is an athletic, powerful interior lineman whose combination of strength and technique can overwhelm defenders.”


  • Powerful hands
  • Explosive first step
  • Quick to ID stunts/twists
  • Sturdy anchor
  • Excellent puller
  • Fluid in moving up to the second level
  • Nasty finisher


  • Plays over feet at times
  • Occasionally grabby 
  • Counters vs athletic IDL

In-play Film Analysis: 

Christian Mahogany is an, at times, dominant interior lineman that is next in line from the Boston College pipeline. A blend of size, power, and technique, Mahogany can overwhelm interior defenders with his hands and power to drive players away from the line of scrimmage. In the run game, Mahogany explodes off the line of scrimmage, where he immediately establishes his hands and wins the leverage battle—once his hands are latched, the rep is over. He is powerful and athletic enough to relocate 3-techs, disengage, and work up to linebackers. A nasty finisher in space and can move a pile on short down-and-distances. 

In pass pro, Mahogany showcases a quick kick-step and a sturdy anchor against all types of skill sets. Has outstanding awareness to pick up stunts and twists as well as a sudden kick-step to slide and counter free runners. He’s rarely jolted off his spot and if a false step occurs, Mahogany is quick to re-establish anchor. Always looking for work if unoccupied. He’s versatile for any scheme. 

Concerns remain about playing over his feet at times, which leaves him susceptible to counters from more agile defenders. Penalties improved from 2020 (6) to 2021 (1) but he will occasionally tug a jersey if beaten off the snap. Athletes with explosiveness at the snap can shock him at the onset of his kick-slide, but it will rarely result in a lost rep. 

Overall, Mahogany is an impressive interior lineman whose biggest hurdle is working back from a torn ACL in May of 2022. He has the potential to become a high-level starter at the next level.

Prospect Projection: Day 1 – Pro Bowl Caliber

Written By: Ryan Fowler

Last Updated: June 5, 2023

Exposures: Clemson (21), Florida State (21), Missouri (21) *did not play in 2022 (ACL)*

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