Brock Hoffman

  • IOL Hokies
  • Junior
  • #--
  • 6'3"
  • 310lbs
  • Prospect
  • Atlantic Coast

Prospect Summary

Brock Hoffman began his career at Coastal Carolina where he became the starting center as a true freshman and manned the spot for two seasons before transferring to Virginia Tech. After sitting out the 2019 season due to NCAA transfer rules, Hoffman became the Hokies’ starting center in 2020 and 2021. He has shown some positional flexibility throughout his career with time spent at left and right guard and a few reps at right tackle. At the next level, Hoffman forecasts best to an interior role with center being his primary position. Hoffman offers good size, mobility, and experience with sufficient power and foot work. He is a competitive blocker with sufficient body control and has proven to be a reliable player. When it comes to concerns, Hoffman has to find more consistency with his hand placement and timing and would benefit from adding more functional strength. While Hoffman offers appeal as a reserve offensive lineman at the next level with positional flexibility, his absence of any above average traits tempers his projection. He very well could be an overachiever and he enjoyed a good college career, but he’s likely a depth player at the next level.

Ideal Role: Developmental center

Scheme Fit: Inside zone


Written by Joe Marino 

Games watched: North Carolina (2021), West Virginia (2021), Boston College (2021), Pittsburgh (2021)

Best Game Studied: Boston College (2021)

Worst Game Studied: West Virginia (2021)

Competitive Toughness: Hoffman has ideal temperament into blocks and functions with the edge teams are looking for in offensive linemen. When he gets a chance to exploit a leverage point and take his opponent to the ground, he does. He has a finisher’s mentality.

Balance: Hoffman offers an intriguing blend of size and control. My exposures did not reveal concerning issues with contact balance or control of his frame. He has good posture and weight distribution.

Anchor Ability: Hoffman absorbs power well and features a sufficient anchor. He does well to compete to stay square with leveraged hips. He does have some timing issues with his punch that enables defenders to get into his frame and he’ll concede ground.

Lateral Mobility: Hoffman has sufficient lateral mobility and is fully capable of sliding his feet and working on the move. With that said, he won’t be confused as springy, but he isn’t limited at a concerning level. He does well to take advantage of angles in zone concepts and work laterally.

Power at POA: Hoffman isn’t overwhelming at the point of attack in terms of exchanging power, but he certainly isn’t dominant. He has a sufficient level of power and when his leverage and technique is right, he can win with power. That said, he doesn’t have enough functional strength to overcome bad technique.

Hand Technique: Hoffman has some flashy moments with his hands. His strikes are firm and compact with good placement. The issues with his hands come from timing where he can be early to shoot his hands and opponents can take advantage of those misfires.

Football IQ: Hoffman has played a lot of football at the college level with two seasons of starting experience at Coastal Carolina and then doing the same at Virginia Tech. He’s demonstrated some positional flexibility and functions with sound timing. Hoffman has committed his share of penalties across his four seasons as a starter.

Versatility: Hoffman has primarily played center in college but started the 2018 season at Coastal Carolina at right guard. In 2021, he played some left guard and 24 snaps at right tackle in the West Virginia game. He’s an interior player only in the NFL and best suited for an offense that runs inside zone.

Pass Sets: Hoffman’s best ability is his pass blocking, where he does show consistency reaching set points and framing blocks. He stays square, moves his feet, and works his hands to find consistency. He can slide laterally and mirror at a sufficient level.

Flexibility: Hoffman isn’t overly tight and he bends well at the knees. He won’t be confused as overly springy or loose but it’s far from a concern. He features a sound blend of size and flexibility.


Marino Grade: 69.00/100 (Sixth Round Value)