Andrew Vorhees NFL Draft
Andrew Vorhees

Andrew Vorhees

  • Senior
  • #64
  • 6'6"
  • 320lbs
  • Prospect
  • Pac-12

Prospect Summary

Andrew Vorhees NFL Draft Scouting Report

IOL, USC Trojans

USC offensive guard Andrew Vorhees projects as a scheme-diverse talent with the functional athleticism, wingspan, and power to be an effective and impactful starter at the NFL level. Vorhees has logged reps on both sides of the center and at tackle and guard, offering a level of positional versatility that should appeal to teams looking to piece together a definitive group of their “best five” to field on Sundays. 

Originally a 3-star recruit from the class of 2017, Vorhees has been a long-time member of the Trojans program after playing both sides of the ball for Kingsburg High School (California). Vorhees has logged starts going all the way back to that 2017 freshman season, where he logged nine of 20 total starts at right guard across his first two seasons. He redshirted in 2019 after an ankle injury suffered in the second game of the season. Vorhees transitioned to the left side of the line in 2020 and split starts across guard and left tackle between 2020 and 2021 before returning to left guard for the entire 2022 season. 

Vorhees is an absolute bull in the run game. He’s got a wide frame and a ton of lower-body power, which he applies with surprising efficiency to translate his initial pop into displacement in the run game. He’s not passive in pass protection, either. Vorhees looks for work and often picks up a slab of ribs when he’s uncovered and unoccupied in his sets. This is an absolute tone-setter up front and I love the play demeanor he showcases—he’s going to be a pest for any team he plays and a fan favorite for whoever drafts him. His ability to leverage with his hands at the point of attack pops as well and in close quarters he provides ample stickiness to stay on the body. For a bigger frame, he does well rotationally to hinge and open his chest and hands to defenders while working for leverage horizontally. The consistency in which he creates bubbles and movement at the point of attack is difficult to ignore, especially considering there’s momentum in both zone concepts and in power concepts where he’s working double teams or alternatively pulling to trap or wrap onto the second level. 

He’s a true asset in the run game with plenty of qualities to build on in protection, most notably his anchor. Vorhees will eat up power rushes with good core strength and successfully drop to provide depth to the pocket for his quarterback. He pairs that core strength with impressive grip strength as well, when he latches or clamps he has shown the ability to successfully sustain grip throughout on-schedule plays from the pocket. I have been impressed by some of his first strike counters in 2022 as well, at times snatching or stalemating defenders and getting them off balance; killing their potential impact early in the play. 

That said, he isn’t a perfect prospect. Some quicker interior defenders who slant or L-step out of the blocks can get hip-to-hip with Vorhees. While he’s a good athlete inside, he doesn’t have that rare spring for a big man to be able to flash and redirect to slam the door shut. As a result, getting hands fit cleanly and on time will be essential for optimal efficiency. While he hinges well, he is a taller frame to play inside, which creates a bit of a unique set of circumstances as his pad level at times can be compromised and allow defenders to roll through contact and stand him up to stall momentum. While Vorhees has spent time at both tackle and guard throughout his career at USC, I like him definitively playing on the interior although I think he can get you through a game outside in a pinch. He doesn’t have the drive to close down angles on the edge with consistency and by isolating him outside you’re exposing him to one of his biggest technical flaws: his feet can die on contact at times and force him to fall off of blocks. He’ll need added focus here to sustain in protection longer and be ready to mirror quick defenders who may test him on obvious passing downs—it isn’t a strength right now.

Expectations for Vorhees should be that of a player who can make an instant impact up front. There are lapses in his game that come with prolonged blocks in pass protection but his abilities in the run game and in slide protection jump off the screen as winning qualities that should offer a notable boost to an NFL franchise quickly. Given his expansive experience as a Power 5 starting lineman, Vorhees should be well-seasoned to take to the NFL game quickly.

Top Reasons to Buy In:

  • Strong anchor ability in pass protection
  • Power at the point of attack
  • Effective blocking radius and gravitational pull
  • Prototypical build 

Top Reasons For Concern:

  • Modest foot speed to stay attached on extended blocks
  • Lateral agility is sufficient but can be tested by quick penetration
  • Pad level will be a point of emphasis due to stature

Size (NFL Combine):

Height: 6′ 6”

Weight: 310 lbs

Arm Length: 32 1/8”

Hand Size: 10”

Athletic Testing (NFL Combine):

40-yard Dash: TBD

Vertical Jump: 29”

Broad Jump: 8′ 9”

Short-Shuttle: TBD

Three-Cone: TBD

Bench Reps: 38 reps

Ideal Role: Starting left guard

Scheme Fit: Scheme diverse

Prospect Comparison: Robert Hunt (2020 NFL Draft)

TDN Consensus Grade: 80.50/100 (Second-Round Value)

  • Crabbs Grade: 80.50/100

Written By: Kyle Crabbs

Exposures: Utah (2022), Stanford (2022), Oregon State (2022), Arizona State (2022), UCLA (2022), Notre Dame (2022)

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