Alex Wright

  • DE Blazers
  • Junior
  • #218
  • 6'7"
  • 270lbs
  • Prospect
  • Conference USA

2021 Season









Prospect Summary

Alex aligns as a DE on the Blazer defense. He is a sufficient level athlete with regards to body control and initial quickness. In the run game, he is average. Mainly due to his inability to play with the proper leverage and technique to get off blocks and to the football. His lack of good strength at the point will only be exacerbated in the NFL. In the passing game, he’s raw but has some upside in this aspect. He’s not a dynamic athlete nor is he explosive off the snap. But he shows moments of sufficient hand usage and pass rush instincts to get to the QB. With more refined technique he could have more effectiveness at that level, however, he would be best served improving his strength, hand placement and overall technique to maximize some of his natural gifts.

Ideal Role: EDGE defender in an odd front

Scheme Fit: 3-4 OLB


Written by Drae Harris

Games watched:LA-Lafayette (2021). Marshall (2021), Fl. Atlantic (2021) Liberty (2021)

Best Game Studied: Florida Atlantic

Worst Game Studied: Liberty

First Step Explosion: He isn’t a dynamic athlete. As a result, he lacks consistent explosive “get-off”. While he lacks some initial quickness he shows some agility on the edge against athletes at that level of football.

Flexibility: He is a taller EDGE who doesn’t bend exceptionally well. Because he doesn’t play with a consistently good pad level, he sometimes gets overwhelmed by single blocks when reduced. He also shows some tightness when trying to turn the corner.

Hand Counters: He has moments where he uses a good swipe. However, he is raw with regards to hand placement and technique overall. Improving in this aspect would make him less reliant on physical tools. It could be greatly beneficial to his skill set to learn to win with technique and use the finesse as a complimentary part of his game.

Length: He appears to have very good length. However, It is not always evident due to his lack of good strength. He doesn’t lock out consistently, which would help his efficiency in getting off blocks.

Hand Power: He lacks good strength in his hands. This is evident when he attempts to disengage. He also gets overwhelmed at the point of attack more than ideal.

Run Defending: He could improve in the area of run defending. He’s a little better on the backside where he can use his length and athleticism as a chase player. There are moments when he is play-side and gets overwhelmed in the run game, due to poor leverage.

Effort: His effort could afford to be more consistent. There are moments when the situation is clear and he “peels his ears back”. There are also moments where the effort late in games is inconsistent.

Football IQ: He has average football IQ. He can be fooled in the zone read game and with misdirection. He’s a little late locating the football as well.

Lateral Mobility: He has good lateral mobility. Manly due to his redeeming value in his athleticism. This is apparent when he is on the backside of run plays.

Versatility: He could potentially play 4-3 DE. however he would have to add a strength and power element in his game. He’s best suited as an OLB in a 3-4 at this stage.


TDN Consensus: 70.25/100 (Fifth Round Value)

Crabbs Grade: 68.50/100

Marino Grade: 72.00/100