Youhanna Ghaifan

IDL, Wyoming

  • Conf MWC
  • Jersey #93
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'3''
  • DOB 03/17/2001
  • WT 290 lbs


    PROS:  Excellent athlete for the position, though lack of mass likely has a good deal to do with that. Bend throughout frame very impressive for a defensive tackle -- can work his way through tight corners in the running game and can finish penetration as a pass rusher to attack the quarterback’s set point. When he activates his hands quickly and brings his feet with him off the snap, he’s quite difficult to stop as a rusher. Has flashed an arm over, inside swim, swipe and rip -- all with success, though more frequency would be welcomed.

    Hand usage also shines when early on running downs -- can immediately stack and forklift with great length, then shuck to present in a gap. Has a decent tackle radius given length. Plays with good leverage off the snap and can create good jolt to uproot his opponent.


    An untrustworthy run defender at this point in his development. Plays without nearly enough control, frequently spinning off of blocks or slanting into gaps -- generally trying to make plays without remaining disciplined in his role within the defensive structure. Because he lacks great mass, especially in the lower half, can get folded over and put on the ground quite easily -- flexible frame becomes a disadvantage here. Must learn how to keep power coiled in his hips and win in a straight line instead of surrendering leverage by flipping his shoulders. Even when square, will relinquish vertical ground as he looks to disengage and penetrate instead of stack and maintain; not a two-gapper. Struggles to drop anchor against double teams.

    Limits his own explosiveness and quickness by leaving his feet behind at the snap, thereby surrendering foundational strength and again, ending up often on the floor. Must learn to roll his feet and hips underneath him when exchange power for power, in both run and pass defense.