Vosean Joseph

LB, Florida

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #11
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'0''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 227 lbs



    Coverage - Has the speed and fluidity needed to matchup with running backs and tight ends in space but doesn't have the route anticipation skills to consistently remain connected. Awareness and spacing in zone coverage must be improved. Slow to read the backfield and work into throwing lanes.

    Tackling - Inconsistent with aiming points and getting himself into good position to finish. Below average contact balance and hitting power leads to him conceding yards after contact and sliding off some tackle attempts.

    Blocks - Does not have the contact balance or hitting power to regularly stack and shed blocks. Doesn't diagnose play concepts and react quickly enough to consistently get ahead of blocks. Slow reads lead him into junk. Best moments of beating blocks on tape come from him finessing and slipping blocks. Effective at undercutting and using his quickness and flexibility to work over/under blocks but the key is making sure his pads stay clean or else it's game over.

    Physicality - Not shy of contact but limited play strength and balance makes it necessary for him to work around blocks. Won't consistently play through contact and sift through traffic. Has some aggressive, physical finishes as a tackler on tape but snap-to-snap study reveals considerable variance.

    Motor - Plays hard but not a consistently high urgent pursuer of the football. Thrives as a cleanup tackler. Regularly used as a blitzer and attacks his gap with urgency in those situations.

    Processing - Needs to develop in this area. Is a slow processor and often diagnoses incorrectly. Is guilty of running himself out of plays or into blocks. Spatial awareness is lacking and he often sees plays through a straw. Easily manipulated by fakes/misdirection and open the door for cutback lanes.

    Range - Flows well laterally and showcases good straight line speed but a lack of quick processing skills and the ability to play through contact limits his range. When the path is clear and the angle is correct, he has the speed needed to cover ground. Flashes of short area burst are exciting.

    Flexibility - Outstanding ability to twist and torque around blockers. Excellent laterally mobility and has smooth change of direction skills. Explosive driving off his plant foot and moving laterally.

    Versatility - Liability at MIKE and SAM given his lack of instincts and play strength. Needs to be used as a 4-3 WILL in a pursuit-style role. Florida did well to take advantage of his athletic ability and limit his thinking by regularly using him as a blitzer and attacking gaps.

    BEST TRAIT - Lateral Mobility

    WORST TRAIT - Processing/Play Strength

    RED FLAGS - Did not start Charleston Southern game for "failing to meet the Gator standard"

    Vosean Joseph's blend of lateral mobility, underwhelming instincts, issues playing through contact and speed make him an ideal fit to function as a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 alignment. His issues playing into the line of scrimmage, taking on blocks and processing skills are too limiting for consideration as a MIKE or SAM linebacker. While he does offer upside to develop, there are notable holes in his game that must be improved upon for him to make an impact in the NFL. His college game tape revealed a mixed bag of results with some concerning low points. He has the makings of a starter in time should he develop, but there is a lot to overcome.