Trevon Wesco

TE, West Virginia

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #88
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB --
  • WT 270 lbs




    Routes - Very simple concepts were on his plate as a receiver at West Virginia. Was asked to make himself available in space, often with delayed releases. Needs major growth in terms of developing deception and learning basic route running nuances. Doesn’t have the juice needed to be a consistent separator. A team isn’t going to invest in Wesco because of his route running prowess or upside.

    Hands - Minimal production provided a small sample size to evaluate from. Three drops on 36 career targets. Has shown the ability to firmly squeeze the football outside his frame mixed with other reps where his hands aren’t properly set to catch the football.

    Ball Skills - Has made a few plays through contact where he did well to establish his frame and snag it. Wasn’t provided many opportunities to track the football and adjust - most of his work was pitch and catch type situations.

    YAC Ability - He isn’t going to create for himself with twitch, agility and burst but his physicality and competitive demeanor makes him a tall order to get down on the ground. Capable of dragging tacklers and maximizing his touches. Might be worst given short-yardage carries at the next level.

    Play Speed - He’s slow - no way around it. Doesn’t have the juice to stress defenses vertically or run away from coverage. Isn’t going to rip off chunks of yards and create for himself after the catch. A team isn’t investing in Wesco because he is fast.

    Play Strength - He’s a bear that executes with a finishers mentality. Blasts open gaps as a lead blocker from the backfield and wants to put his opponent on their back. Powerful dude at the catch point, shielding off defenders and not getting bumped.

    In-line Blocking - Does well to place his hands, leverage his hips, accelerate his feet and drive open run lanes. Has some issues falling off blocks and getting his weight too far forward, mostly on account of being too aggressive. Has the functional strength and mindset to exchange power in the trenches. Holds his own in pass protection.

    Space Blocking - Love his ability to climb to the second level and seal pursuit, operating under control and taking great angles. Effective on long pulls and lead-blocking off-tackle. Makes impact blocks lining up in the backfield and blasting open holes. Takes good angles, arrives on schedule, positions himself under control and allows his play strength to take over.

    Versatility - Doesn’t offer a well-rounded skill set as a receiver but he can be a security blanket and provide an available target as a security blanket. Profiles as a versatile, impact blocker from anywhere on the formation.

    BEST TRAIT - Blocking

    WORST TRAIT - Speed

    RED FLAGS - None

    Wesco doesn’t project as an impact receiving threat in the NFL and his usage was limited in college but he can handle basic responsibilities. A team won’t be investing in Wesco for his receiving potential or athletic profile. With that said, he does have exciting potential as a blocker who can execute from all over the formation. Wesco is a powerful blocker with good technique and a maulers mentality that makes him highly effective whether he’s lined up in-line, flexed or in the backfield. Wesco should be a quality special teamer and valuable subpackage contributor.

    Round Grade - Fifth Round Value