Trevon Diggs

CB, Alabama

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #7
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB --
  • WT 200 lbs





    PROS: Long, strong, and physical. Ideal NFL size with above-average NFL athleticism — was originally a two-way player in Alabama before transitioning full time to defensive play. Long speed impresses: can open his stride and keep pace with CFB’s top deep threats. Ball tracking and adjustment/timing downfield also quite impressive — has multiple downfield PBUs in recovery or in phase by locating and attacking football in time with/before receiver. Uses length well when addressing the catch point and always competes. Reliable tackler, though he is occasionally too upright into contact.

    Effective in the press alignment due to size and strength, though hand placement can be too high at times. Keeps his feet active and his base low in step-kick technique and never gets lazy through the contact window/possible breaks on the route tree. Generally wins with strong physicality even in off coverage, with an unwillingness to surrender his chest and a dedicated retention of leverage. Also successful in half-turn technique and demonstrates good zone awareness/route recognition ability. Successfully passes off half-field concepts in zone match coverage and understands route spacing to “feel” routes developing behind him in shallow zones. Lines up inside and outside based on personnel/opponent.

    CONS: Physical nature of play can get him in trouble at times with penalties and with over-aggressive, blown coverages. Not as comfortable as you’d like to see playing with head turned downfield — will lose connection to the wide receiver and must develop a better ability to stay physically connected while turning away. Not a strong off-coverage candidate: often stays too far capped over wide receiver and surrenders easy underneath completions. Transitional quickness isn’t elite, though it is sufficient, further emphasizing lack of ideal off-coverage traits.

    Updated: 07/20/19