Trevis Gipson

EDGE, Tulsa

  • Conf American Athletic - West
  • Jersey #15
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 06/13/1997
  • WT 259 lbs



    First Step Explosiveness - Can be a bit late out of his stance on some reps, seemingly inexplicably. He's not overly explosive and he doesn't generate a lot of force or power when he's driving out of his stance. Further weight distribution and keeping his pad level down would be helpful in getting a little more kick forward at the snap.

    Hand Technique/Length - Too many reps where he's giving up his chest. He's got some really nice flashes of pulling OL off their set or ripping underneath hands but everything feels a bit clunky and he doesn't parlay his counters with persistent feet to gain real estate at the LOS. Needs to utilize his length better.

    Pass Rush Counters - His best move is a rip and dip off the edge that allows him to turn tight corners. He's not overly powerful with his hands and that creates some challenges. He's flashed a nice inside spin but he's irregular with implementation and success, has thrown it with poor leverage on the outside and gotten tossed.

    Flexibility - There's enough here to like and feel promise with — surface reduction off the edge is effective. That said, he plays too tall when he's locking horns at the point of attack and will lose his anchor and give up a lot of real estate. Needs to be more aware early in reps to keep himself low.

    Run Defending - Has not shown a consistent anchor or ability to hold the point of attack. His L-step reps and quick penetration on crash reps versus pullers is where he current flashes the most and he has a decent amount of mobility to flip his hips open and flow down the LOS versus outside run concepts.

    Competitive Toughness - Needs to keep his feet — there's reps where he's pretty easily pin-balled or tossed to the ground by OTs. Functional strength is spotty due to irregular pad level, his frame should provide him with more power — but he also catches a lot of blockers with his chest. Multiple points of emphasis to focus on moving forward.

    Tackling - He's a pretty violent finisher when he's uncontested to the football and has had success ripping or attacking the football to expose ball security issues. His wingspan is helpful in boosting his influence on the edge. Foot speed in mirror situations is somewhat of a hindrance and limits ability to finish 1 vs. 1.

    Lateral Mobility - He's got a fair amount of flow here. He's better when sustaining his pursuit over longer distance than a short area gap exchange and he doesn't really flash the ability to work back inside of blockers with acceleration or burst as a crash presence up front.

    Stand Up Ability - Wouldn't endorse him playing pass coverage reps, didn't see a lot of that on film and he's not a comfortable tackler in space. His upside to stand up reps would be gaining additional leverage as an outside-in run defender who gets better leverage for contain as end man on the LOS.

    Football IQ - Needs to be schooled up on the value of his hands and how to marry them with his feet. He'll flash at you a few times a game, indicating there's a light bulb yet to come on that would help him become a more refined and polished defender at the point of attack, but generally he's a raw, mold-able project player. 


    Best Trait - Length

    Worst Trait - Balance

    Best Film - Michigan State (2019)

    Worst Film - Oklahoma State (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Trevis Gipson projects as a developmental prospect at the NFL level. Gipson possesses the needed anatomical reach and frame to be an effective player, but there are too many lapses of separation and too few reps of confident hand counters to warrant consideration for a sizable role early on in his pro career. Gipson flashes a fair amount of bend and hips rip and dip combo is a workable start, but he's got to get his punch power better and ability to hold the POA more consistent. 

    Updated: 02/13/2020