Tre Lamar

LB, Clemson

  • Conf ACC
  • Jersey #57
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'4''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 250 lbs


    PROS: Physically imposing presence in the middle of the field. First off the bus body composition. Plays forward and into the line of scrimmage with intent and power plugging gaps. Plays with active hands while working through contact. Diagnoses inside run well and certainly fits the bill as a thumper. Good closing speed playing forward when there is a clear path to his target. Executes with urgency. Offers some appeal as a blitzer. Has good contact power and balance. 

    CONS: A throwback linebacker that lacks many of the desirable traits for today's game. Tight hipped and lacks lateral mobility. Range is limited to between the tackles only. Noticeably lacks comfort in space and in his coverage drops. Does not read the backfield well in zone coverage and is often stuck in the mud. Very calculated in space in terms of movement and reactionary skills. A scheme specific player that is likely to not see the field on passing downs at the next level; might even be a subpackage contributor only. Not a candidate for work in man coverage against tight ends or running backs and asking him to carry them into space. Limited.