Travis Fulgham

WR, Old Dominion

  • Conf Conference USA - East
  • Jersey #7
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB --
  • WT 208 lbs



    Separation Quickness – Shows proper shiftiness in his hips in order to create small pockets of separation in his stems. Efficiency in his breaks, showing the ability to break down and transition in limited steps. Rarely will false step or need extra time to get in and out of his cuts, hitting his horizontal breaks in two steps.

    Ball Skills – Shows extension to the catchpoint when he is able to flip his hips and attack. Will allow the ball to come over his shoulder that limits his consistency, but his body control sticks out along the boundary. While operating over the middle, Fulgham can occasionally have awkward hand placement corralling the football. Even when he has proper hand placement, he has suffered from drops. While this isn't much of a concern considering his body of work, I wouldn't label him a naturally gifted pass catcher.

    Speed/Burst – Shows plus long speed when he's able to open his strides. More of a "build-up speed" receiver than a short-area quickness one, but he has passable quickness. Separates down the field because of his speed, gliding by defensive backs who struggle to transition and remain in phase.

    Route-Running – Generally a refined route runner, especially for his size. Fulgham showed the occasional dead-leg stop to increase the speed of his curl and horizontal breaks. Easy transitions and hip flips allows him to create clear and open passing windows, especially in the intermediate. Subtle changes to the angles in his stems threatens space and alters the path of defensive backs, allowing clear lanes for his breaks. Better at keeping defensive backs on their heels than getting them to flip their hips and speed turn. This results in consistent separation, but few reps where he totally dominates defensive backs with his route running. More refined than nuanced. On the vertical plane, does a consistent job of stacking defensive backs to win the rep. These stacks, while an advanced trait, could come a little sooner as he rarely fights pressure in order to clear hips hips. Prefers to have a clear lane before working to get on top of defensive back. Creates vertical separation well for a bigger receiver, using his lateral mobility and long speed to defeat attempted contact.

    Contested Catch – Outstanding and seamless body control down the field and with defensive backs in close quarters. Wins through contact with his strength and broad frame, whether it be by flipping his hips and extended his hands or tracking the ball over his shoulder. Does an excellent job along the boundary, shielding defensive backs with his body and giving him enough space to get his feet down in-bounds. When he loses contested situations, it comes down his ball security after the catch. If he plucks the ball and rips it into his body with more physicality, he will truly dominate this aspect.

    Ball Carrier – Not the most elusive or powerful runner. However, his contact balance stems from his size and shiftiness combination. Able to glide through arm tackles and get up-field through smaller defenders. Gets vertical and sees the field well, though his overall elusiveness and short-area quickness limits his ceiling as a ball carrier.

    Releases – Patience and footwork at the line of scrimmage allows him to operate with a clean frame even when being played closely by defensive backs. Along with his footwork and lateral mobility, he has an outstanding physical profile to defeat press coverage. His hand usage to consistently eliminate the jams of defensive backs can come and go at times Additionally, has shown occasional false steps in order to get balanced, needing to gain ground and re-set the line of scrimmage. Doing these small changes with more efficiency will lead to future dominance against press.

    Blocking – Potentially the best stalk blocker among wide receivers in the entire NFL Draft class. Collapses the space on defensive backs, engages contact and drives his feet with low hips. Lateral agility keeps his frame in-between defensive backs and ball carriers. Works his hands inside and will replace them at a solid pace. Drives and finishes defensive backs as they struggle to disengage. Has shown dominating traits for his stalk blocking and maximum effort even in the waning moments of clear losses.

    Strength and Toughness – Undoubtedly one of the stronger and tougher wide receivers in the class. His effort and play strength allow him to be the effective stalk blocker that he is. Additionally, he shows his strength when finishing through contact.

    Athleticism/Size – A solid athlete at 6'3 and 215 pounds, Fulgham will likely test out above average in his Combine testing. His long speed is a redeemable quality, and he is likely to show a promising time between 10 yards and 40 yards. Not especially full of burst in the short-area, but his technical savvy still allows for crisp breaks as a route runner.

    BEST TRAIT – Stalk Blocking / Body Control

    WORST TRAIT – Quickness

    RED FLAGS – None

    Fulgham entered the season with less than 1,000 career yards in 27 games, making him a virtual unknown. However, to end the season Fulgham had 9 consecutive games with a touchdown pass. His ability down the field and to win through contested spots gives him potential in the redzone. On top of that, his refinement and technique as a route runner gives him enough separation on a play to play basis. With his size, plus athletic testing could go a long way to pushing him up draft boards. January's Senior Bowl will provide him an opportunity to accumulate reps against Power-5 cornerbacks, something he rarely saw at Old Dominion.