Tony Pollard

RB, Memphis

  • Conf American Athletic - West
  • Jersey #1
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 200 lbs



    Feet - Adequate acceleration but change of direction ability is below average. Exaggerated throttle down to gather himself. Cuts tend to be elongated and segmented. Footwork as a route runner reveals no deception.

    Vision - Takes advantage of defined tracks with fairly effective cuts in space. Not the most patient runner allowing blocks to take form and work off them. Responses can be tardy to impending contact. Inconsistent angling away from contact.

    Pass Protection - Really struggles. Too passive exchanging with rushers and he gets walked back with easy. Contact balance and power is poor. Bad tendency to drop his head and he just doesn’t stay connected.

    Receiving - Was productive on manufactured receptions but he is a robotic route runner with minimal deception in his routes. Ball skills and hands are below average. Too patient at the catch point and his drop rate is fairly high. More of a body catcher.

    Balance - Sustains himself fairly well though traffic as a ball carrier. Isn’t overly twitchy or controlled when making cuts. Contact balance as a blocker is highly disappointing.

    Elusiveness - Modest agility, juice and wiggle in the open field. Rounds his breaks as a route runner. Doesn’t illustrate upper body twitch or fluidity as a route runner to force false steps by corners.

    Power - Illustrates a physical demeanor as a ball carrier but I wouldn’t consider him powerful. Doesn’t deliver physical exchanges and his anchor in pass protection is soft. As a blocker, defenders play right through him.

    Competitive Toughness - The fact that he contributes in so many ways speaks to the type of competitor and team player he is. Does have some timid moments as a blocker. Works hard to compete as a ball carrier and make people miss.

    Versatility - He does everything and lines up everywhere. While that is appealing, it’s very evident that he doesn’t truly excel in any one area and is overall very raw. Has an appealing physical profile but his translatable skill as a playmaker is fairly modest.

    BEST TRAIT - Versatility

    WORST TRAIT - Blocking

    RED FLAGS - None

    Pollard has been tasked with duties in the return game, running the football, playing receiver and blocking from various spots across the formation. While his versatility is highly intriguing, he doesn’t illustrate exciting translatable playmaking skill in any one area. If a team is willing to embrace him as a gadget player that helps on special teams, Pollard has a future. With that said, he has restrictions and needs development to truly help an NFL offense as a traditional running back or wide receiver.

    Round Grade - Late Day 3 Value