Thaddeus Moss


  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #81
  • Class RS Sophomore
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 05/14/1998
  • WT 225 lbs



    Route Tree - He's not the most dynamic athlete and his slow-played route breaks won't snap off a lot of separation. Runs a nice little stick route to quickly sit down. He does well to get out of the blocks but hard angles and deeper patterns will be a challenge for him unless he becomes more savvy to bump and extend for room.

    Hands - Has flashed some really nice skills to catch away from his frame. Appreciate his catch radius — he's a big body and has plenty of reach to help bail out his quarterback. Transition to tuck the ball away immediately after the catch has been a bit messy and he's had ball popped out with contact a few times in 2019.

    Versatility - In-line role will enable him to make an impact despite his need for growth as a route runner for a big guy. There's not a lot of RAC threat here and his biggest vertical plays seemed to come at the expense of coverage busts. He's not diverse in that he's consistently going to win vs. zone and he's going to beat you up at the LOS.

    Contested Catch Ability - His ability to box out, win space and catch with his hands are phenomenal. Some of his receptions have come with defenders draped over his frame and he's successfully tucked the ball. Has potential to really bully LBs and safeties at the top of his stems or when he's sitting down to square himself to the ball.

    RAC Ability - Not a lot of wiggle, nor does he have a lot of inspiring burst when he's in the open field. Needs a significant runway to get up to top speed and the end result is defenders effectively stay on his hip. Doesn't showcase sudden stop ability either — which will prevent him from gearing down to snap off his path.

    Power at POA - Absolute bruiser who beats up the opposition up front. Heavy hands, long arms and a dense frame with strong core have yielded terrific results collapsing down vs. defensive ends. He's found success folding across the set as a lead blocker on interior runs, delivering booming hits to the MIKE when pressing through POA.

    Competitive Toughness - Love what he brings from a physicality perspective. He's a true bully who will wear out defenders on the edge and can be a tone setter on the edge in the run game. Needs to find a little something extra on extended plays to find space more quickly to flow into and work to provide his QB with an outlet.

    Flexibility - Appreciate his ability to keep his hips open for wide base. His ability to unload through the hips serves as a plus quality and his body control at the catch point is pretty notable. That said, he's high on his hips at the top of route stems and needs to focus on dropping COG down to boost change on direction.

    Balance - Has gotten his feet tangled up against defenders trying to roll through his breaks down the field. He's very active with his feet at the POA to slide, drive and play with forward push in drive block situations. Much more effective in short spaces versus what he shows in the open field.

    Football IQ - Super polished as a blocker, which will lend itself well to getting early snaps in the pros. He's not overly refined with creating space via either hard breaks, crisp footwork or physicality as a route runner and his productivity may be dependent on check downs early on at the pro level. 


    Best Trait - Power at POA

    Worst Trait - RAC Ability

    Best Film - Oklahoma (2019)

    Worst Film - Texas (2019)

    Red Flags - 2018 foot INJ

    Player Summary - Thaddeus Moss projects as a traditional in-line tight end prospect who will have an opportunity to earn a starting role at the NFL level. The son of legendary receiver Randy Moss, Thaddeus is currently a more effective blocker and wins on the ground game and in pass pro thanks to a dense frame and powerful punches. Not the most explosive athlete, it is difficult to envision a dynamic role in the passing game — but Moss can win against underneath zones and help move the sticks. 

    Updated: 01/18/2020