Terry Godwin

WR, Georgia

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #5
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB 10/23/1996
  • WT 185 lbs



    Route Running –He's really well balanced in lateral slides and cuts at hard angles, shows great foot speed to ensure he's under control and able to pivot and redirect hard at a moment's notice. Snaps off his stems with authority to create separation. 

    Hands –Has gotten eat up by some hard thrown balls when he's working square back to the football. He plucks the ball well in stride, notable difference than when the ball is drilled directly at his forehead or his numbers and he is stationary. 

    Contested Catch Ability –His frail frame doesn't hold up well when he's tested with a defender draped across his back, lacks the reach and the hand strength to squeeze the football and protect receptions with his body. Won't elevate and win jump balls, either. 

    Run After Catch Ability -He isn't going to run through any tackle challenges due to his deficiencies in functional strength but he possesses good vision, lateral quickness and has some creativity in space to force a false step and create some added yardage. 

    Football IQ –Crafty, intelligent route runner who can snap off his man with ease thanks to his quickness, understands route leverage and takes appropriate release and necessary angles to ensure he's not challenges as the ball arrives. 

    Vertical Receiving –He has good burst and does well to temper his release speed to lull defenders to sleep before pushing vertically and hoping to separate down the field. Effective over the shoulder pass catcher. Lacks true elite speed, however. 

    Change of Direction Skills –Super shifty receiver in the open field. His lateral quicks are some of the best in show, he puts guys in a blender trying to get hands on him at the line of scrimmage in press. He's very sudden on hard angles and slides alike. 

    Speed –Good but not great play speed, he's more effective thanks to cerebral release and slow playing his man as he presses into the secondary. Has enough juice to challenge down the field on post patterns and on vertical shots isolating MOF safety. 

    Competitive Toughness –Physically soft player. His play effort is admirable and he doesn't get discouraged by bad pitches but at the same time he gets physically manhandled by corners on the edge and he is too easily re-routed by defenders who can get a hand on him early on. 

    Blocking Ability –Almost zero benefit to playing him in the slot as a blocker at all. Tipping their hand offensively will be a barrier to reconcile unless you want to run him off the LOS on running owns. Lacks the length and strength to make contributions here. 

    BEST TRAIT – COD Skills

    WORST TRAIT – Functional Strength

    BEST FILM – Alabama (2017)

    WORST FILM – LSU (2018)

    RED FLAGS – Size/Durability

    Terry Godwin has the short area quickness to be a mismatch in the slot at the NFL level, but his general stature and lack of explosive long speed do temper his ceiling and make him a more difficult projection to a high snap volume. Godwin runs great routes, but what does his durability look like in the wear and tear of NFL life? Godwin tried to add size at the NFL Combine and seemed to lose some long speed in the process. A late round target for team needing slot depth. 

    ROUND GRADE - Fifth Round