Terronne Prescod

IOL, NC State

  • Conf ACC
  • Jersey #70
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 331 lbs



    Functional Athleticism - Lethargic player who thrives when he's able to tether himself to the body of defenders. Struggles is open space to move with any level of grace or consistency. He's not bad in short spaces, can be quick to fire out and cut. But test him with range and bad results follow. 

    Football IQ - He understands what is happening, doesn't give off the impression that he's totally lost in the weeds. With that said, he's not particularly inspiring with anticipation, which he needs to help him cover for pedestrian mobility and foot speed. 

    Anchor Ability - He's got plenty of natural strength thanks to his build, but he's not an overly powerful dude. He can get folded by power rushes and heavy hitters to catch him flush on the numbers. Gets weight rolled back onto heels too frequently. 

    Hand Technique - Soft hands. He'll clamp on and hold on for dear life so that he can stay attached to the block. He does do a nice job on reaches to rip through to get across the face of his man. Placement is pretty wild, he's too often wide or outside. 

    Balance -Too many plays end with his feet tangled and him on the ground. Lacks the needed foot speed to constantly adjust on the fly, especially while taking contact and being forcibly bubbled off of his spot. Needs attention to his base but lacks the foot speed to amend it. 

    Pass Sets -He's done his job well enough, he's been exposed to multiple calls and types of protections. Like him best in slide protection where he can bank on a teammate off his hip to prevent exposing him to two-way goes for defensive linemen. 

    Flexibility -He offers little to no value in efforts to work hips across the top of blocks, he's not effective trying to hinge and open his hips laterally and sustain leverage on his defender. Guilty of folding at the waist to chase after blocks. 

    Power at POA -His best reps come by bullying linebackers on the second level. He's typically a stalemate blocker against head up defenders at the POA. His second effort won't bring him any extra push, as he lacks the mobility to get himself back in control of a block. 

    Length/Extension - He doesn't play with any inspirational level of length, which is amplified by his lack of foot speed or range when trying to catch defenders at the end of his strike zone. 

    Competitive Toughness - He offers flashes of rolling guys into the ground, but they typically come against much smaller competition. Not overly enthusiastic on his play as a mauler. He's not a poor effort player, he just strikes me as pretty soft. 

    BEST TRAIT - Hand Strength

    WORST TRAIT - Balance

    BEST FILM - Virginia (2018)

    WORST FILM - Boston College (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    Terronne Prescod has the physical frame to catch your eye, but that's about the extent of his positive qualities projecting forward. Prescod comes up short in hand power, foot speed, general technique and play demeanor. He was a bit miscast with so many zone blocking reps at NC State, but Prescod simply lacks the physicality to be any more effective in a gap/power system either. Prescod has an outside shot at making a roster but needs significant growth.