Terrell Burgess

S, Utah

  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #26
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 192 lbs



    Coverage Spacing - Can be a bit soft in man coverage to stay attached but is quick to work back to the body and doesn't panic. He's got good ability to wall vertical stems in the MOF before flipping to carry and get depth. Deep capability is only modest but he has trigger ability to jump down in front of receivers.

    Acceleration - Good burst! Like how quick he is to trigger into pursuit and he's notable when rolling down into the alley against motion to quickly get established and take away potential creases. Back end range and lateral burst is less potent than linear pursuit lines.

    Tackling - He's really nice here. Have seen him wrangle down bigger bodies in one on one occasions (Oregon, Texas) with effectiveness. Surprisingly good given his lack of length but foot activity and reliable framing of his tackles allow him to be a standout here. Plus nickel value in the D-gap.

    Zone Coverage Skills - He's heady, especially inside 20 yards where he's processing folding route stems and anticipating where the quarterback is going to go. Cerebral player who wins often with preparation and feel for the game, so high traffic and layered releases aren't going to sucker him.

    Ball Skills - Has let a few get away from him and his lack of length is a notable earmark to consider when projecting how he will be able to contest at the catch point. He'll pick the ball up in flight effectively on deeper targets and ensure he's worked back to the body of the receiver to squeeze and contest.

    Competitive Toughness - His motor doesn't shut off; he's flashes into the alley and then doubled back on interior keeps to run 20+ yards down field in pursuit. His functional strength is sufficient but he can get bodied by bigger receivers inside the contact window and lack of length will make it hard for him to offset power releases.

    Flexibility - Lateral hinge isn't his best trait. There's little doubt he's still a fluid mover but speed turns and transitions can concede some space as he looks to work back into the body. Much better striking down hill and when stepping into his tackle challenges to coil his frame and deliver jarring blows.

    Feet/COD - He's got good action in the lower half. His feet allow him to make consistent redirections in his pursuit and fill angles, which put him regularly in balanced postures and ensure he's capable of mirroring as necessary. Initial spring and quickness is strong.

    Man Coverage Skills - Lack of size and strength are worth noting here if you're going to put him on TE duty with consistency but he's got good patience with his back to the football and appreciate how well he processes route breaks when he's able to play on the body to gear down and provide resistance.

    Versatility - Special teams will be an area where he thrives. He may not project into an ideal role as a base defender but teams that run a lot of nickel will love him for what he brings as a 3rd safety. Should command significant reps and brings value as an alley/ tunnel run support player in addition to his high IQ in coverage. 


    Best Trait - Coverage Skills

    Worst Trait - Length

    Best Film - Washington (2019)

    Worst Film - Texas (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Terrell Burgess is a pleasant surprise. Despite his lack of length, he's offered consistent tackling skills throughout his starting career and flashed strong coverage skills at the 2020 Senior Bowl. Burgess is not the most fluid defender and tight man coverage can yield some quick separation, but recovery instinct is strong and he's a high effort, high IQ and explosive athlete in straight line situations. Sub-package fit who can act as a third safety and roll into the slot to tackle and cover. 

    Updated: 03/22/2020