Solomon Kindley

IOL, Georgia

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #66
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB --
  • WT 336 lbs


    Functional Athleticism - Greatly struggles to slide, mirror and move out of the blocks. He's lethargic and will fail to follow up initial contact and stay connected on blocks. Does not have great range in the open field and will struggle to pick up flow on the second level if his mobility levels don't improve.

    Football IQ - There are some technical lapses in his posture and weight distribution that should be easily fixable and would boost his effectiveness in short spaces. Like what he offers in pass protection when he's able to get established in slide or gap protection.

    Anchor Ability - He's super dense and will do well when he's set up on his hips — capable of eating up power rushes and stonewalling bull rushes. Did well to lock horns with several power rushers throughout the course of the SEC schedule but when he's forced to counter speed first he'll struggle to get hand established and reset.

    Hand Technique - He's got effective pop in his hands and will do well once he's set to torque and turn defenders if he's fully framed on his blocks. There's less appeal when he's forced to play away from his frame. Can be guilty of lunging and overextend himself recklessly.

    Balance - When he's not charged with moving targets and allowed to occupy real estate in pass protection, he's difficult to uproot. When he has to work to the second level or play in space he'll have a hard time to keep himself framed, feet struggle to keep up with his eyes and with defensive flow.

    Pass Sets - Short sets are effective and when he's out of the blocks he'll do well to engage the lower half and slam on the breaks. Rushers to attack a gap and possess twitch are able to open his hips and work back across his frame — inside counters are an area he'll need to find more persistence to roll inside.

    Flexibility - He's rigid. He does play with width in the base but that stems more from his actual frame than it does with his range of motion through the hips. Does not roll his hips through contact well and he's fairly static at first contact. Can fold at the waist trying to stay engaged.

    Power at POA - If he's matched against more heavy footed defenders, he's going to have a lot of success to bump bellies and uproot interior defenders. He's less sufficient to carry momentum beyond immediate vicinity by there's plenty of pop at first contact and he's going to win his fair share of gaps.

    Length - Adequate. He doesn't have a lot of control at the fringes of his wingspan and his blocking radius is small. He's boosted by having such a big frame but long arm defenders can outreach him and get his pads rolled back to generate stalemates.

    Competitive Toughness - He's definitely got the power to be a tone setter but where ever he lands is going to have to focus on trying to milk some more athleticism out of him in order to have better results. He's got all the power he'll need — but if you ask him to cut weight will he be able to sustain that component of his game? 


    Best Trait - Power at POA

    Worst Trait - Mobility

    Best Film - Florida (2019)

    Worst Film - LSU (2019)

    Red Flags - 2019 foot INJ

    Summary - Solomon Kindley projects as a potential starter in a gap/power system. Kindley will need to find his mobility in order to work himself into a high snap volume role — but his and anchor are effective to win up front. Kindley has some poor habits at first contact and in trying to sustain his blocks, but if he's given a rangy center to work with he may be able to secure himself more effectively. Kindley's ceiling is up in the air — he may end up being asked to shed weight for more mobility in the pros. 

    Updated: 04/18/2020