Shyheim Carter

S, Alabama

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #5
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB --
  • WT 191 lbs


    Coverage Spacing - Former cornerback recruit who offers smarts in coverage, but he's not overly dynamic and will struggle to slam the door shut in short spaces and play with the transitional quickness to stay assertive and squeeze throwing windows late in the rep. Typically executes primary responsibility with consistency.

    Acceleration - Does not have ideal long speed and his ability to play effective in turn and run coverage is impacted as a result. The final product is someone who ideally isn't drawing speed in coverage and ideally isn't prowling on the back end as a deep coverage option if the hope is to make impact plays.

    Tackling - He's a bit of a tough study here — given his wingspan isn't exceptional and he has some poor habits with closing in space and taking bad angles — further compounding some already troublesome issues. Doesn't have the booming presence to roll into the box.

    Zone Coverage Skills - He's disciplined but also overly conservative in deeper coverages; he'll have more positive impact when he's closer to the line of scrimmage and playing in more shallow zones. There, his anticipation and smarts can shine and allow him to jump into throwing lanes.

    Ball Skills - Has some good ball production stats to show for playing career, where he's been used all over the map. He doesn't have great length and ability to play through the body of receivers is limited and he'll struggle to work around bigger bodies or tight ends. Good hand-eye coordination in short spaces.

    Competitive Toughness - He's scrappy — probably the best way to describe him. Does not showcase ideal levels of pop or hitting power but he's been implemented a fair amount inside of 15 yards and seems to be unphased in working through high traffic congestion. Effort level is strong and should bring ST value.

    Flexibility - There is some notable tightness through his hips — a problematic barrier that will serve as an issue in both man and zone when considering his stature isn't notable to bump with TEs on a regular basis. His transitions aren't crisp and he'll concede easy separation in an off coverage role.

    Feet/COD - He's controlled but also not sudden. Has some issues with sliding laterally or click and close due to athletic profile — he's a bit too much of a "tweener" in coverage from this perspective. Wouldn't endorse any reps in off man coverage due to transitions.

    Man Cover Skills - Former cornerback who has understanding of rerouting receivers and getting into the body early in reps; but he lacks length and punch power in press coverage to be a dynamo in the slot. He doesn't have the needed fluidity in off coverage. Will struggle at the catch point to deter receivers.

    Versatility - At his best, he'll be a shallow zone sub-package defender who offers value on special teams. I don't think he's dynamic enough to play high frequency snaps as a nickel and he's lacking in the range to play a role as a deep safety in isolation, too. 


    Best Trait - Football IQ

    Worst Trait - Athleticism

    Best Film - Texas A&M (2019)

    Worst Film - LSU (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Shyheim Carter projects as a potential sub-package defender at the pro level. Carter does not illustrate ideal athleticism for a featured role; he's often a touch late in his short area mirror skills and his lack of tackle radius is prevalent as he tries to get ball carriers on the ground in one on one scenarios. Carter has the football smarts to serve as a depth and rotational player but in a perfect world he's utilized primarily on special teams if he's going to command snaps on an active roster. 

    Updated: 03/28/2020