Sewo Olonilua


  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #33
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 11/27/1997
  • WT 240 lbs


    Vision - Quick to bounce and likes to press his runs off the tackle's hip and try to get outside the hashes. Doesn't really show a lot of manipulation of the point of attack or ducking under blocks to create creases for himself — pretty linear style runner without nuance.

    Feet/COD Skills - He's heavy footed and struggles to get himself up to speed — never mind when it is time to redirect himself or try to generate a hard cut. Turning radius is large and isn't a skill that will let him pivot quickly or defeat quick penetration into the mesh point unless he's able to run through bodies.

    Durability - Low mileage is a nice bonus for a heavy hitter and potential short yardage specialist at the pro level. He's split carries for entire college career and should offer a freshness as he looks to wrestle a niche role. Has ability to attack and lean on defenders to fall forward.

    Balance - Does not provide the ability to pinball or bounce through successive cuts and his redirection skills are only modest — if you catch him mid-cut you can knock him off his path too easily. On reps where he's committed to press forward, he's got heavy hitting pads to disrupt defenders.

    Pass Protection - Would like to see more enthusiasm but boy does he have the frame to be a real punisher if he's tasked with locking horns with linebackers shooting gaps. He's heavy framed and dense — which will allow him to jar and reroute to maintain the pocket. Will need a bit of inspiration here, though.

    Elusiveness - He's a pretty vanilla runner with the ball in his hands. Isn't going to get creative to bust out of boxed in reps and he's generally understanding of his limitations, too — doesn't run to be something he's not and will plow through contact to challenge and create a few extra yards.

    Receiving Skills - Surprising production as a pass catcher — ran a lot of shallow crossers underneath as a check down receiver. Shows clean hands on his targets, too — a bonus to his large wingspan to provide his passer with a notable catch radius if the ball comes out sloppy or hurried versus quick pressure.

    Short Yardage - This is where he thrived the most in 2019; found a lot of scoring production in tight to the goal line, too. He's got the needed pop to bulldoze over a flat footed linebacker and ensure he's falling forward to convert short yardage opportunities and keep the offense on schedule.

    Football IQ - Not sure how much of his issues as a runner and pressing the LOS are impatience or lack of reps — so there may be some marginal untapped potential. That said, he's a niche back who thrived in his best scenario in 2019 as a power compliment. Should be afforded the same opportunities in the pros as well.

    Effort - A few things stand out. Ball security needs to improve. So too does his effort in pass protection to fulfill his potential here. Lastly, he's going to need to be more willing to drop the shoulder and challenge runs between the tackles instead of looking to bounce or peel his path to perceived daylight off the back side of the play. 


    Best Trait - Short Yardage

    Worst Trait - Long Speed

    Best Film - California (2019)

    Worst Film - Oklahoma (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Sewo Oloniula projects as a short yardage specialist at the pro level. Without much in the way of burst or lateral mobility, Oloniula is restricted to reps primarily between the tackles, where his imposing frame and short area explosiveness can deliver jarring hits to would be ball carriers. His wear and tear is low, which should offer him a modest chance to provide staying power in a specific role if he finds the right roster to provide him frequent touches in short spaces. Niche back. 

    Updated: 03/21/2020