Ross Pierschbacher

IOL, Alabama

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #71
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB --
  • WT 304 lbs




    Run Blocking - Has good initial pop at the point of attack and generates good power through his hips. Doesn’t have enough follow through power stemming from his legs to be a consistent people mover. Good lateral mobility to hit reach blocks.

    Pass Blocking - Has adequate mobility and foot speed to slide his feet and close gaps. Does well to mirror rushers and stay square, even when they attack the edges. Is guilty of getting his weight too far forward and folding at the waist on occasion. Anchor is fairly soft.

    Blocking in Space - Effective pulling into the boundary or as a lead blocker into holes. Plays under control and knows how to square up targets. Can be touch slow out of his stance that sets him behind. Excels as a work up blocker.

    Power - Shows good pop on initial exchange but underwhelms with his ability to drive. Reps often end in a stalemate. Anchor can be compromised by bulrushers when he doesn’t play with enough extension.

    IQ - Experience at both guard and center which is appar- ent from how natural he is passing stunts off and working back. Does well to anticipate pressure packages in pass protection and flow in space. Takes advantage of blocking angles.

    Feet - Demonstrates adequate foot speed to slide laterally and mirror pass rushers. Can also move into space with relative ease.

    Hands - Punch is compact with enough power. Does well to establish his hands quickly but ability to refit his hands can improve. Rarely gets too wide with his hand placement.

    Balance - Maintains a consistently wide base. Contact power is adequate although his lack of lower body power causes some issues with not giving up ground. Good control in space. Minor issues with weight distribution that can find his head too far in front of his toes.

    Versatility - Ideal fit comes as a center in an inside/outside zone scheme. Isn’t a true people mover to be optimized in a man-power scheme. Excels as a move blocker and has experience playing both guard and center.

    BEST TRAIT - Experience/Versatility

    WORST TRAIT - Play Strength

    RED FLAGS - None

    A four-year starter for Alabama, Pierschbacher projects best to playing center in the NFL despite having experience at guard. Featuring a likable athletic profile, Pierschbacher has good lateral mobility and executes well on the move. Technically speaking, Pierscbacher is sound and his overall body control is ideal. With that said, Pierschbacher’s valuation is tempered on account of modest functional strength and he may be capped physically. Pierschbacher should be able to provide versatile depth and serve as a spot starter at the next level.

    Round Grade - Mid Day 3