Rock Ya-Sin

CB, Temple

  • Conf American Athletic - East
  • Jersey #29
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 190 lbs





    Man Coverage - Has good length and a willingness to be physical downfield. Comfortable in press-man alignment with generally strong footwork and a comfort inside the WR's cylinder. Has nice length to him to generate pass-breakups. Struggles with mirror quickness and fluidity -- change of direction abilities leave him exposed to multi-break routes. Is aggressive closing from off-man alignments but doesn't have ideal click/close ability.

    Zone Coverage - Not often tasked with zone coverage at Temple. Discomfort belied by footwork -- is too quick to hinge open to play with leverage and creates blind spots in his coverage. Has good turn and run abilities in a deep third and gets connected quickly. False steps often at the top of his drop when closing downhill. Again benefits from length at the catch point to add strength to modest click/close ability. 

    Press Technique - Currently a strength, though improvement is still possible. Is more passive with his hands than you'd like to see, and does not pair tight play body-to-body with an off-hand punch to disrupt route stems. May step into the line at times when expecting outside releases, but generally has patient footwork and a good side-shuffle. Will turn-and-run early in reps to get downfield, potentially due to modest long speed, but has the hips to flip back to the field if necessary.

    Footwork - Generally struggles here. Is high-cut and has a long stride; frequently crosses feet during transitions and has a low step frequency. Fails to step with anticipation: will force himself into multiple gather steps by losing width in his side-shuffle or losing balance in his backpedal. When forced to close downhill, frequently false-steps and has to re-plant, which takes time. Must learn how to keep his footwork more measured and controlled. 

    Functional Athleticism - Has good flexibility and hip mobility but otherwise seems a pedestrian athlete. Change of direction ability limited by long strides and poor footwork, but seems to have good agility. Burst and long speed are not a liability in coverage down the field, but will get grabby and out of control against deep routes. Has enough strength and length to hold up against blocks and deliver a shot as a tackler.

    Tackling - Picks his spots. Will come up and deliver a strike when he has a target lined up in close quarters; on money downs, can present a downhill and physical presence who approaches his run fits with appropriate leverage. That said, he will not stick his nose in to join a group tackle and will be tentative approaching space players when he feels like other players will rally and tackle.

    Ball Skills - Highly productive in terms of passes defensed and interceptions, but is guilty of some true "cornerback" hands at times. Tracking and locating seems to be an issue -- will be well-positioned with ability to make a play on the ball, but elect to play into receiver instead of flip his hips and play on the ball. Must grow in his comfort downfield playing with his back into the receiver.

    Physicality - Wonderfully physical. Best ability is leaning into wide receivers downfield to close off throwing window and put himself in a position to make a play on the football. Gets into the cylinder in the contact window quickly, though could more actively recruit his hands in the contact window to disrupt and redirect. Initiates contact when working through blockers to get to ball-carriers; will hit in run support and attack through frame to get to the catch point.

    Versatility - Offers good developmental upside in most techniques, especially given very little experience playing corner at a high level of college competition. Has the frame and quickness to play in all man coverage roles, and improved footwork could make him functional to good in zone as well. Not an ideal special teams player given modest long speed. 

    BEST TRAIT - Physicality

    WORST TRAIT - Footwork

    RED FLAGS - None


    Rock Ya-Sin is a developmental target for teams who like to rely on man coverage and are looking to develop a potential outside starter by Year 2 or 3. Ya-Sin is clearly comfortable playing in tight quarters, and has great body control and flexibility -- both traits that project him favorably as man-coverage starter. That said, Ya-Sin must grow more comfortable playing the ball in the air and matching multi-break routes with measured footwork, or he will always remain a low-impact player on the ball despite his length. Ya-Sin's wrestling background, esteem for hard work, and limited football experience all project favorably to a successful developmental track in the NFL.

    ROUND GRADE - Round 4