Riley Ridley

WR, Georgia

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #8
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 07/21/1996
  • WT 200 lbs




    Routes - Has only run a limited route tree but illustrates good traits within those routes that suggest a more expansive tree is within his realm of capability. Does well to sell his route breaks and is fluid in and out of his breaks. Knows how to attack leverage and find space. Ideal step frequency in the routes he is asked to run. Effectively alters his route pace at different intervals of the route to keep corners guessing.

    Hands - Soft, natural hands. Plucks the football with ease and the ball sticks. Squeezes the football tightly and secures it to his frame. Was challenged to extend for the ball and had no issues reaching in any direction and snatching the football.

    Ball Skills - Put some tremendous reps on tape where he locates the football vertically down the field, adjusts and positions himself to go get it. Has an excellent above-the-rim game and his body control at the catch point is terrific. Attacks the football like an alpha and doesn't wait on the ball. Excellent control and concentration along the sideline and in contested situations.

    YAC Ability - Hasn't been given favorable opportunities that give him chances to create after the catch but still found ways. Physical and decisive post-catch and illustrates good burst to work up the field. Does well to secure the ball and immediately look to gain yards.

    Release - Had no issues winning in the contact window to clear press coverage in college but more variety in his releases will be needed to be consistent in the NFL. Needs to develop more hand technique at the line of scrimmage. Not saying he will struggle to beat press in the NFL, but more development is needed. Is smooth off the line of scrimmage and works into his route stems with good speed and fluidity. Does well to use his release to create leverage and uncover quickly.

    Play Speed - Is a big-play threat that is capable of winning down the field. Doesn't just win with speed, but his blend of ball skills and route-running savvy enable him to win vertically. Has good juice and burst to win after the catch and uncover at all levels.

    Blocking - Gets his work done. Does well to locate his hands, leverage his hips and move his feet to seal defensive backs. Can be trusted to hit key blocks on the perimeter on outside runs/screens to his size.

    Play Strength - Plays like an alpha. Shields opponents at the catch point effectively. Is assertive and physical as a route runner, blocker and ball carrier. Illustrates outstanding body control and contact balance.

    Versatility - Is a three level threat with the ability to excel from the outside but could also be used situationally in the slot. Was not featured in the return game in college.

    BEST TRAIT - Ball Skills

    WORST TRAIT - Release (needs to evolve)

    RED FLAGS - Arrested for marijuana possession in March of 2017.

    Riley Ridley's production in college won't turn heads but his traits certainly do. In a run-heavy and conservative Georgia offense with numerous other dynamic pass-catching, Ridley didn't get the opportunities he should have but still led the Bulldogs in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. He has all of the physical traits to be a dynamic weapon in the NFL with playmaking upside to all levels of the field. By year three, Ridley has the makeup of a top a highly productive top-two receiving option for a prolific NFL passing offense.