Preston Williams

WR, Colorado State

  • Conf MWC
  • Jersey #11
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 03/27/1997
  • WT 210 lbs





    Separation Quickness - Possesses the necessary athleticism to be able to separate from defensive backs. Obvious speed and stride length when given a free release at the line of scrimmage. Length in his legs can limit the efficiency of his breaks in some areas, but generally doesn’t waste motion in and out of his cuts. Solid breakdowns while running curls and comebacks in order to create a window from his quarterback.

    Ball Skills - Williams relies too much on his body in order to make receptions. Will attack balls at chest-level with passive hand placement and allow for extra time that the ball is in the air. Hand placement at the catch point is inconsistent. Flashes of natural hands when using active placement, and effortlessly transitions into a ball carrier when he does so. Consistency in that area could lead to more extended plays after the catch.

    Speed/Burst - Upright stance limits his burst on the snap. Wastes time at the line of scrimmage loading his legs into a position where he can run. Easy strider who eats grass well, long speed is obvious and likely a result of his track and field background. Explosive when given time to release and build up his speed.

    Route-Running - Generally raw as a route runner, which is to be expected with his lack of experience playing at the collegiate level. Rarely threatens the leverage of the defensive back in his stems, struggling to get their hips turned or their weight back on their heels. Occasionally wasting time at the top of his route attempting to find the perfect window for a throw. There are flashes of refinement in how he uses his hands and physicality to separate at the top of his route and his ability to work through windows on crossing routes.

    Contested Catch - This is an area where Williams should be more dominant than he is, given his physical profile. Generally prefers to catch over the shoulder, which limits his high point potential and can get the catch point played by defensive backs. Ball security after the catch is lacking, and the ball can get knocked from his hands as a result. Occasional mistakes in how he tracks and attacks the football in the air. When everything is put together, Williams has instances of outstanding ability in contested spots, but this is a rarity.

    Ball Carrier - Solid ball carrier who benefits from initial space so he can build up his speed. Glides by blockers in space and uses his length to pick up yards along the boundary. Can bring some pop as a ball carrier. Terrible ball security as a runner with space in-between his frame and the football and holding the ball in the improper hand. Will occasionally try to make too much happen and take questionable paths as a result.

    Releases - An area where Williams struggles. Lack of lateral quickness limits his releases while operating against press coverage, and he rarely is able to stack vertically as a result. Though he has decent hand usage, he seems uncomfortable and inexperienced against press coverage. Undoubtedly has the physical profile to improve in this area and actually become dominant given his length, but not a strength just yet.

    Blocking - A few times a game Williams will show positive effort working far downfield in order to keep his teammates upright, but far too often his get off when asked to stalk block is lacking. Base is far too narrow, and he rarely climbs into a defensive back and drives them off the spot with his hands inside. Looks to use the “super shoulder” and is a one hit blocker, rather than engaging and running his feet. Effort comes and goes.

    Strength and Toughness - Not overarching strength, but seemingly a solid competitor with passable toughness. Won’t ever impose his will on defensive backs and dominate them physically, but rarely are there instances of Williams getting outplayed because of effort or strength.

    Athleticism/Size - One of the more tantalizing prospects in the class with elite track and field level athleticism inside of a long, explosive frame. Size and speed isn’t a question with Williams, and his athleticism led to offers from Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Georgia out of high school.

    BEST TRAIT - Athleticism

    WORST TRAIT - Tracking/Hands

    RED FLAGS - Torn ACL while at Tennessee. Served a suspension for an off-season misdemeanor assault charge. Transferred from Tennessee to Colorado State, sitting out the 2017 season.