Paul Grattan Jr.


  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #65
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB --
  • WT 300e lbs


    Pros: Considered the anchor of the offensive front, Grattan has versatility as he’s played both center and guard at a high level. His aggressive notches don’t have a highest level as he’s always looking to attach and bury defenders any chance that he gets. His no nonsense and tone setting abilities are often seen throughout games as he doesn’t feel as if plays are over until he somehow places down lineman on the turf. Average athleticism and is often involved in play-action protections where he’s trusted to skip pull in order to clean up the front side of whatever that is left.   

    Cons: Shorter arms makes it tough for him to handle explosive interior defenders. His eagerness to finish often results in eye catching holding penalties for officials. A heavily reliant waist up player that possesses a stiff lower half. Lateral/zone runs really expose his struggles with open, rip, and running flat down the line. He’s better served in a power/man-based blocking scheme that enables him to get a body on a body quickly in order to overwhelm them at point of attack.