Nate Herbig

IOL, Stanford

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #63
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 07/10/2001
  • WT 336 lbs




    PROS: Huge frame that's tough to get around. Excellent mobility for size, with sufficient agility to pull, lead block, and execute basic zone responsibilities. Good hand placement in both run and pass game, understanding ideal contact points for leverage; has the length to execute some difficult blocking assignments. Can generate rolling power when he wants to, with good fluidity throughout his frame and very active feet. Power most consistently notable when crashing down on first level defender in the running game; has stopping power. Stays active during pass rush reps and is willing to re-set reps with strong hands and active feet. Builds a really nice base when fighting a rusher, with good flexibility through knees and ankles. Recognizes loopers and stunts well. Reads defenders' leverage on pulls nicely and knows when to kick-out/when to log.

    CONS: Consistency is a wild issue. Seemingly falls asleep on the field sometimes and gives 50% effort, expecting to win bullyball reps against opponents that need more respect. Unwillingness to latch on and control reps a big red flag. As a pass protector, tries to win reps by shocking rusher with initial hand strike despite only decent upper body power and screening rusher off from QB's drop point; rarely, if ever, lands hands on chest plate and attempt to control rusher through rep.

    In second level, same issue arises: so often, a pull or climb assignment gets involved on a tackle because Herbig only shoved him, didn't grab and control him. Can be easily sidestepped by smart linebackers who anticipate the punch. Similar issue comes up with the push-pull from pass rushers/two-handed swipe rush moves, which frequently expose Herbig for playing too far over his toes. Tepid and passive approach to contact inexcusable for player of his physical profile.