Michael Divinity Jr.


  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #45
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 05/13/1997
  • WT 239 lbs



    Football IQ - He's inconsistent with his play processing and ability to flow to the football. Has had moments (Texas 2019) where he's instinctive and able to trigger down into the play but he's much too irregular here. Often ends up being late to attack and lacks athleticism to cover himself.

    Tackling - Late arrivals produce some poor challenges and attempts to finish. On the plus size, his wingspan is significant and he does show some fair wrap up strength to finish plays when ball carriers enter his immediate vicinity. Plays through contact to square ball carriers fairly well.

    Block Shedding - He has the reach and extension skills to press himself open, although his punch power and dynamic stacking ability is only modest. He does not have the lateral mobility to slip off of blocks when he's extended anyway, too often negated in head up stacks.

    Competitive Toughness - Has the necessary thump skills to plug and hold the point of attack, but don't expect good results for him to play off of the block and finish the play. He shows a good level of hustle and effort. If you play him on the edge, he's likely able to hold ground but not be an asset as a finisher.

    Lateral Mobility - He's a pedestrian athlete who does not showcase short area quickness or fluidity to drive back inside to flash in the face of ball carriers who cut up inside of him. If the ball doesn't follow his initial angle, he's probably going to get cut out of the play and struggle to redirect or flash into an adjacent gap.

    Coverage Skills - He does not possess good feel for working in space in zone coverage. Lacks the hip mobility to play turn and run coverage at a high level, either. His lack of athletic ability should keep him up in the face of TEs and let other athletes transition into coverage responsibilities if he's going to be charged with reps on passing downs.

    Gap Shooting Ability - Will trigger on down blocks but otherwise he spends too much time reading and trying to find the football. Had some of his splash production from from being walked up on the LOS where he's required to do less thinking in space — would benefit from the same in the pros.

    Feet/COD - Stale athlete that does not showcase any significant suddenness or change of direction skills. Lacks the burst to drive across the face of blockers and transitional quickness is watered down by tightness through his frame. Subpar space athlete.

    Flexibility - He's pretty tight and rigid. Gets caught too high and will give ground when locking horns with climbing OL onto the second level. Does not corner or take transitions with any level of speed due to upright frame and static base. Feet need to stay under his hips to feel comfortable.

    First Step Explosiveness - Build up speed. He does not showcase twitch and drive to attack and quickly cover ground; will lose favorable angles as he transitions into pursuit and as a result needs to be limited in working is isolation or being charged with high amounts of grass to cover. 


    Best Trait - Length

    Worst Trait - Flexibility

    Best Film - Texas (2019)

    Worst Film - Florida (2019)

    Red Flags - 2019 absence from team

    Summary - Michael Divinity projects as a potential SAM LB to play in a 4-3 UNDER front at the pro level. Divinity has experience playing both off the edge as a pass rusher and on the second level as a scrape defender. His lack of flexibility and mobility are problematic for playing him in space and these issues can be best mitigated by charging him with playing up on the line of scrimmage. Divinity has good length to disrupt blocking on the edge, but he's a rotational player at best. 

    Updated: 03/28/2020