McKenzie Milton


  • Conf AAC
  • Jersey #10
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'11''
  • DOB 10/10/1997
  • WT 185 lbs


    PROS: McKenzie Milton is an athletic passer, he frequently flashes creativity within the pocket to shake pass rushers and extend plays. Milton throws well on the move and has illustrated the desirable ability to throw with placement while himself moving. Milton's bet qualities shine when he's off script, where his calmness under pressure can generate chunk plays. Milton has been the face of the culture shift at UCF, the team he's commandeered has been down but not out on several occasions, he always seems to have the magic touch to help pull a win out of the bag.

    CONS: McKenzie Milton isn't a prototypical passer in any sense. He's lacking in stature and frame, while simultaneously also showing limitations with his arm. Milton throws accurately on the run, but his arm talent as a whole is lacking. Milton isn't the kind of passer who can throw around bodies, quickly zip the ball out vs. pressure in the pocket or be crowded in his throwing release and still have success. Too many balls flutter out of his hands, too many balls die three quarters of the way to the target and allow for challenges at the catch point. Milton will need sound mechanics to drive the ball, but his style of play often relies upon unorthodox platforms, arm slots and throwing mechanics. Furthermore, Milton's size limitations are significant. His frame is slight and he does not have a body build to withstand the beatings of NFL pass rushers.