Maxx Crosby

EDGE, Eastern Michigan

  • Conf Mid-American - West
  • Jersey #92
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 265 lbs




    Burst - Explosive burst off the ball, timing up his jump with the snap on most occasions. Has some inconsistencies with his stance and stagger that are probably taught at Eastern Michigan, NFL could look to tweak some things. Can pop straight up rather than out up the field, not gaining as much ground as he should in his first step. Has legit speed to run the arc and test tackles’ range.

    Bend - He tested in a way that suggests he can bend, and when he’s changing directions in the open field, you can see the hip sink and turn ability. But running through contact at the top of the arc, he doesn’t bend or dip at all. Has to reduce his surface area or drop his inside shoulder to corner better. Even a little bit of contact rides him wide of the pocket and makes finishing tough.

    Rush Moves - Super quick and sudden hands. Still polishing up his rush moves, but he can swat down punches in the blink of an eye if his opponent isn’t ready. Raw rusher overall who really struggles to convert speed-to-power in any capacity, even a rip move off the edge. Just can’t push through any contact which limits his arsenal. 

    Counters - Underdeveloped counters. Needs to be more aware when he is getting pushed deep and work back inside. Not a natural flow to his pass rushes just yet, still figuring out what works. Struggles to disengage when he’s locked up on his initial move.

    Run Defense - Lacks strength and plays too high, but he is aggressive and sudden in his movements to catch blockers off balance. Does a great job playing to his strengths and winning with decent initial punch and then quickness to get around blockers or slip through gaps. Impactful behind the line of scrimmage, finding the ball and bursting upfield to disrupt. Does not profile as a classic edge setter and will need to get stronger to handle base blocks and doubles in the NFL. Elbows get hinged easily and he will give ground when an opponent gets into his pads.

    Lateral Mobility - Good movement skills in space, can change directions easily for an edge defender, which allows his range as a tackler to be greater than many at his position. Will get off-balance and over-pursue in one direction which can impact his mobility. Play is a little out of control at times.

    Mental Processing/Vision - Does not read and react to pass sets on the move very well, has predetermined move and usually goes with it no matter what. Inconsistent finding the ball through trash and sorting through misdirection. He’s sniffed out some deceptive plays quickly, other times he’s done full pirouettes looking for the ball. Steps down in unblocked situations and has an uncanny ability to dip around pullers to impact the ball carrier.

    Tackling/Finishing - Missed way too many tackles last season, letting runners escape his grasp or failing to finish in space. Has to do a better job of handling business 1v1. Needs to finish when he has an advantageous angle to the quarterback. Getting stronger could be key.

    Competitive Toughness - Plays hard and physical all the time. Terrific motor to chase down the ball regardless of where it goes. Have seen him get 20 yards downfield to make a stop on a sack or chase a quarterback across the field at full speed to force a throwaway. Awesome competitor.

    Athleticism/Size - Good size and solid length for the position. Seems like he bulked up for the Combine, looked lanky on tape and like he needed to add muscle in the NFL. Tested like an elite athlete across the board.

    BEST TRAIT - Burst

    WORST TRAIT - Bend/Cornering Ability

    RED FLAGS - None

    Major props to Crosby’s Combine trainers for getting his weight up to 255 pounds, because there is no way that dude played over 235 this past season. Strength is one of the biggest concerns in Crosby’s game, as he got knocked around and thrown off balance throughout his tape. He’s super slippery and quick enough to knife through gaps and around blockers, but to be an every-down or even heavy rotational player in the NFL you have to be able to do at least one of two things: reliably hold the point of attack or be a great pass rusher. 

    Crosby isn’t either right now, but his athletic profile at the Combine suggests his upside is considerable. He doesn’t play like it right now however, instead thriving off of mostly effort and physicality rather than any great trait. Crosby’s burst off the ball provides some hope, but his cornering ability, rush moves and counters are all in desperate need of improvement. An NFL practice squad to get stronger and develop seems like a likely landing spot for Crosby in year one.

    Round Grade: 5th