Mack Wilson

LB, Alabama

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #30
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'0''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 231 lbs




    Football IntelligenceHad a lot put on his plate, showed well to trust his keys and not flash at the first sign of influence to get pulled out of position by misdirection. Understanding of angles and fit on team defense shined in the box and in the secondary alike.

    TacklingBooming pads when he's in a phone booth, his coil and finishing skills are terrific. Has eaten RBs at full speed on the second level and anchored/drove the legs to avoid slipping off of giving up ground. Tackle balance on lateral scrapes needs some minor tweaking.

    Block SheddingHands are aggressive and provide plenty of pop. Punch offers separation window to sweep or pull off an OL at first contact and like his ability to roll through contact with his hips to generate force and power in efforts to stand up blockers.

    Competitive ToughnessDoesn't play like a finesse backer in the box, he's a great blend of hands, hips, explosiveness and just enough aggressiveness to really stack up blockers and step into gaps with authority. Physicality stands up against OL.

    Lateral MobilityHas true sideline to sideline range to influence and provided he's not cut off by his own teammates in pursuit he's rarely beaten to the edge. Short area mobility to displace himself a gap and pop over the top of a climbing OL is very good.

    Coverage SkillsWonderful physical toolbox. Had some inexplicable late season lapses in coverage but is super productive in space. Hips flip effortlessly to carry vertical stems. Shows good anticipation vs. quick game and click/close ability to punish receivers.

    Gap Shooting AbilityHasn't been assigned a lot of single gap reps: was more asked to read mesh and scrape over top to meet the football. His initial quickness and anticipation have flashed in this capacity and in a more aggressive role he would win a lot of reps with quickness to cut under a block.

    Feet/Change of DirectionVery nimble footed. Effortless mover who transitions like a safety in space when mirroring route combinations or following the eyes of the quarterback. Explosive first step is present to spring into action and cover a lot of ground in pursuit.

    FlexibilityHas better hip hinge and bend than most safeties in this year's class, terrific mobility below the waist to stay fluid in his drops. Shows good pad level through the box to unload as needed. Ample lateral reach in his step frequency to scrape and cover ground.

    First Step QuicknessTwitchy athlete. His burst is pretty underrated as it isn't given a lot of reps to flash but when he's blitzing or sees a play immediately he's stepping down hard and beating OL who can't readjust their landmarks in time cut him off.

    BEST TRAIT – Lateral Mobility

    WORST TRAIT – Consistency

    BEST FILM – Texas A&M (2018)

    WORST FILM – Oklahoma (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Mack Wilson has a terrific ceiling as a starting MLB in the NFL. Wilson shows patience in reading the mesh point, speed to scrape sideline to sideline and short area quickness to defeat blocks. With top shelf hip mobility and range, Wilson is a three down linebacker who can make an impact in the passing game. That said, Wilson has only started 17 games and his consistency is of concern. Getting more reps should solidify his standing as a top-tier LB prospect.