Lynn Bowden

WR, Kentucky

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 10/14/1997
  • WT 199 lbs



    Route Tree - He's won deep wist post route and has plenty of linear juice to stack vertically. Does show head fakes on route stems to hold defenders but took a lot of wins at WR vs. soft coverage and needs to add more crispness to release vs. press and firmness to breaks. 

    Hands - Looks to have a good set of mitts, have seen him squeeze the ball tight to the back line successfully with concentration. Receiving skills have been tested with some inaccurate passes and flashing hands in front of his eyes don't seem to deter him. 

    Contested Catch Ability - His length and ability to box out and win real estate down the field isn't an area he's had a lot of reps in. He's not small, nor lean and shows great toughness, so upside is here to be able to absorb blows and retain the ball in the process.  

    RAC Ability - Used quite heavily in the screen game and on manufactured touches and he's good for at least a handful of created yards on every touch. Has the fluidity and slipperiness to slide through the grasp and shows very good contact balance to absorb body blows. 

    Football IQ - Thrives in open field situations and manufactured touches. IQ and instinct is highest as open field ball carrier, either on screen game or as a punt returner. Will need some focus on finer points of routes in order to become constant separator. 

    Vertical Receiving Skills - Smooth accelerator that is fully capable of blowing past longer, heavy footed corners. His win rate here once he's into space is quite good, although he's going to have to get more savvy to defeat tight coverage and shake into the open with more consistency. 

    Change of Direction Ability - Joystick runner who has some of the more fun cuts and and jukes you'll see this season. Naturally strings his open field counters together and can dart through a crease with a dynamic cut to explode into space. Plus athlete. 

    Speed - He's got plenty of speed to burn. He's not going to wipe out pursuit angles on 50-yard jaunts but his initial quickness and sudden accelerator are where he's going to make defenders look pretty stupid and will chew up and spit out angles.  

    Competitive Toughness - Appreciate the sacrifices he made for his team in 2019 to play option quarterback and actually showed mental toughness when pressed to pass when knowing he was going to get hit. He's built dense and can take heavy hits on the button and bounce back up. 

    Blocking Ability - Toughness is present and he's actually gotten out in front of some plays when playing QB. His foot speed and play strength indicate there's enough here to really build off of and get him aligned to be an effective blocker vs. nickel defenders.  


    Best Trait - Versatility

    Worst Trait - Route Running

    Best Film - Missouri (2018)

    Worst Film - Tennessee (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Lynn Bowden projects in the short term as a gadget player in the NFL — although there is the ceiling to develop into something much more with focus on specialization as a receiver. Bowden was pressed into action as an option QB in 2019, which took away valuable opportunities to work on polishing his route running skills. In all, Bowden is an exciting open field athlete with natural play making ability. Long-term projection is into slot, where his quickness can shine.

    Updated: 12/23/2019