Kyle Shurmur

QB, Vanderbilt

  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #14
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 11/06/1996
  • WT 223 lbs



    PROS: Kyle Shurmur's size, height and physical tools will get teams attention. Was not as inaccurate as his numbers suggested last season. Suffered from tons of drops and poor protection at times. Has a plus arm and velocity shouldn’t be a concern. Showed the ability to throw with anticipation in flashes, often putting the ball in tight windows to receivers. Strong timing and ball placement on most intermediate middle of the field throws.

    Operates in a pro-style offense and has shown the ability to work through multiple progressions in a timely fashion. Vanderbilt (like Stidham at Auburn) relies a lot on play-action, giving him experience working under center and operating with pass drops. Mechanics are mostly a strength, especially when the pocket is clean. A couple touch bucket throws on vertical routes got my attention.

    CONS: When pressured or condensed in the pocket, panic mode sets in. Accuracy wanes, mechanics crumble and decision-making goes out the window. Gets rattled by edge pressure and is uncomfortable stepping up in the pocket and settling in. Ability to make throws under duress is limited. Not athletic enough to offer much escapability or to be a threat with his legs. Easily at his best in the pocket, and it’s anyone’s guess what forcing him off platform can lead to.

    Overall consistency is a concern. Will have some bouts of wild throws, usually after being rattled a few times. Deep ball accuracy, like most of the class, can be very hit or miss. Throwing motion is a little longer than you’d like, brings the ball low in his setup and was stripped a few times from behind as a result. Couple decisions every game he’d like to have back.