K.J. Costello

QB, Mississippi State

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #3
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 06/07/1997
  • WT 222 lbs


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    K.J. Costello originally starting his career at Stanford. While there, Costello showed to heavily rely on “covered about to be uncovered” throws because blind risks were taken—specifically on vertical one-on-one shots down the field and in the red zone. Balls were lofted in the intermediate and deep areas in hopes of generating explosive plays. Costello displayed full trust in his teammates to come out victorious when giving them chances in 50-50 situations. He's a taller quarterback prospect, but he contains an adequate amount of balance and knee bend in the pocket prior to throws. Weight transfer at the top of drops when operating from under-center or out of the gun is optimal. He's hardly ever caught off-balance or completely falling off of his original platform. Costello has a keen understanding of identifying and locating pressure spots. He's able to pinpoint blitzes and where the weaknesses are located with his hot routes. When pressure spots are leaky, Costello doesn’t panic or drop his eyes to locate it. The opposite was the case after transferring to Mississippi State. His mechanics, confidence, and decision-making faltered while playing in an Air Raid system. 

    Costello has the athleticism to side-step and elude the first wave of pressure within the pocket, but he will not be one to heavily rely on escaping the pocket to generate extra opportunities outside the normal structure by outrunning any defenders. He has shown to be capable of escaping open lanes with little bearing pressure. He's consistent with keeping his eyes downfield in hopes of reappearing targets while doing so. Costello has often put his offense/team in unfavorable situations because of mind boggling decisions. Most of his bad throws are made in decaying pockets where the pressure is breathing down his neck. He has shown to be capable of standing in condensed pockets and delivering, but there are a handful of throws that are completely unnecessary. Tidying up those decisions and simply throwing it out of bounds or locating check-downs is an area that is yet to be seen in his development. For unexplained reasons, he relies on becoming a side-arm thrower in order to generate more touch on throws down the field. The unorthodox technique is a trait that’s worked for him, but the mix-and-match of arm angles can become a bit unnecessary and a tendency revealer.

    Ideal RoleDevelopmental No. 3 QB that will need multiple years on the practice squad.

    Scheme FitWest Coast or Erhardt-Perkins offensive system. 

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