Khalil Tate

QB, Arizona

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #14
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'1''
  • DOB 10/23/1998
  • WT 215 lbs


    PROS: Highly mobile quarterback who can make a range of impressive improv plays. Poised in the face of pressure--will deliver as pressure arrives or sidestep it with great frequency. Very difficult to sack if you're the first man there. Can make some high velocity throws on the move, but velocity is more impressive from loaded base. Keeps lower half very active in throwing motion to recruit added power.

    Struggles with accuracy generally, but throws some very well placed balls on the move, including touch throws that impress. Has a very quick release that he can activate on the hoof, which allows him to attack narrower windows because he isn't telegraphing his target and throwing motion. Has a clean over-the-top motion with no hitches that, when normalized with weight distribution in lower half, delivers a very consistent ball. Velocity and quick release, along with good sense of confidence, help him attack tight windows down the field. Same phenomenon appears when attempting bucket throws against leveraged defenders, with a mixed bag of success.

    CONS: Generally struggles with accuracy--needs a more normalized mechanical process. Will distribute weight haphazardly on either foot on various deep ball/touch throw attempts, and thereby ball location is a little unpredictable. Tends to take too wide of a base when throwing deep and recruiting upper body bend in an effort to generate velocity. Lack of stepping through forces hips to pike and upper half to tilt and slash, which will cause long-term issues. Touch throws, under which he's attempting to put air, undergo a similar phenomena of upper body bend and restricted motion in the hips.

    Not comfortable in the pocket and looks to escape instead of adjust as the pocket dynamic shifts. Not a processor of the full field--partially by offensive design--and would prefer to break pocket and improvise than remain and work whatever route concepts exist. Again, offensive structure contributes to this limitation. Despite excellent mobility, does not yet have good vision/discernment as a runner and will cap his own ability to pick up yardage on the ground. Entire pro projection hinges on throwing motion/accuracy.