Karan Higdon

RB, Michigan

  • Conf Big Ten
  • Jersey #22
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB 09/08/1996
  • WT 190 lbs



    Feet - Not overly dynamic in terms of foot speed or the burst he can generate off his cuts, particularly for his size. Stylistically, more of a one-cut runner that is inconsistent string together his moves. High step frequency pressing the line of scrimmage and he works to manipulate the second level.

    Vision - Demonstrates effective patience as a runner and has a good feel for spacing and cut back lanes. Lets his blocks take form and works off them, generally illustrating sound decision making. Not overly creative and his ability to make something out of nothing fails to impress.

    Pass Protection - Struggles to absorb contact anchor. Needs to attack with better leverage and add more play strength. He lacks length which leads to challenges fitting his hands and playing with extension. Not consistent diagnosing pressure packages and helping where the protection optimally needs him.

    Receiving - Production has been minimal with only 16 career receptions across four seasons. Limited reps revealed no issues with his hands but the sample size is very small. Why wasn’t he afforded more chances to catch the football?

    Balance - Operates with good control and leverage which helps sustain himself through contact. Contact balance is only average he isn’t a threat to truly break through tackles or wiggle through piles.

    Elusiveness - Leaves something to be desired for his frame. Has enough juice and burst but he is far from explosive or overly twitchy. Has more power back stylistic tendencies than a dynamic ball carrier.

    Power - Runs extremely hard but he isn’t that powerful. Contact power and balance is only average and he doesn’t have the strength to move piles. Crowded boxes are his worst enemy and short yardage touches is a poor utilization of his skill set.

    Competitive Toughness - There’s no doubt he runs angry with an aggressive mentality. He packs a decent punch but he isn’t going to overpower NFL defenders. Works hard for yards after contact but his functional strength and contact balance restrict translatable production.

    Versatility - Given his challenges in pass protection and minimal receiving production, his upside on passing downs is not exciting. Has inside/outside ability to run the football but he isn’t overly dynamic or powerful. Very pedestrian.

    BEST TRAIT - Decision Making

    WORST TRAIT - Passing Down Upside

    Racking up 1,178 rushing yards for Michigan as a senior in 2018, Higdon runs hard and makes good decisions with the football. While he doesn’t necessarily bring the size or power desired for his style, Higdon features good burst and control as a runner. One of the top concerns with Higdon is his underwhelming projection to help on passing downs. He was barely involved in the passing game as a receiver for the Wolverines and his reps in pass pro are disappointing. Higdon features a fairly modest overall skill set but consistency with his vision and athletic profile give him a chance to provide depth at the next level.

    Round Grade - Late Day 3 Value