K.J. Costello

QB, Stanford

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #3
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'4''
  • DOB 06/07/1997
  • WT 217 lbs


    PROS: Has the tools. Arm strength and size check NFL boxes, and he isn't statuesque--though his mobility is just average. Willing to test man coverage down the field and puts a catchable ball in the air, though most improve ability to place it high to tilt advantage to larger pass-catchers. Flashes the ability to manipulate short zone defenders with eyes in his drops to uncover routes besides them. Can fire well-placed footballs to in- and out-breaking routes through tight windows and with traffic around him; can adjust arm angles as well, with equal ability to throw with speed and placement from over-the-top and sidearm releases.

    Particularly relies on sidearm release for touch throws, which he can make. Able to drop it in over the second level. Will make pre-snap adjustments and understands from where defense will be sending pressure. Looks to create while scrambling; will direct traffic and extend plays as a passer first.

    CONS: A sub/spot starter last season who lacks experience and polish. Unsettled in his pass drops; skittish and not ready to throw at all times. Has a poor pocket presence and will adjust to the slightest flash of color, often moving into more pressure--bad sense of space and bodies within the pocket. Will stare down his first read especially when it's a short/quick throw, which will tip off aggressive DBs making flat-footed reads. Generally underthrows his receivers down the field and must get a better sense for protecting the football via leverage--this will hopefully grow as his harmony with his pass-catchers does.

    Urgency and lack of poise in pass sets will lead to unacceptably high degrees of variance in his release point (see over-the-top and sidearm) and herky-jerky weight transfer through his release process; release will become elongated because his feet are out of time with his hands. Accordingly, accuracy can get hog-wild, because the process isn't normalized. Will allow pressure to greatly truncate his release process and thereby drastically impact his accuracy, putting the ball in dangerous locations. Did become more calm in the pocket throughout the season/starts, so there is an existing developmental track. Is a project player.