Justin Hollins

EDGE, Oregon

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #11
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB --
  • WT 238 lbs




    PROS: Twitched up rusher despite upright frame. Can dart into B-gap with excellent fluidity and suddenness against tackles who overset/slide protection away. Has strong hands when square to his opponent: can create initial displacement on bull rush with two hand stab and work in arm over moves to generate rush angles; excels as an EMLOS defender in terms of stacking and shedding, especially against backside down blocks. Twitchiness makes an occasional appearance in upfield explosion from stand-up stances on wider techniques. Will use hesitation/stutter moves to try to freeze tackles before hitting them with the quicks. Can take on kick-out blocks with high velocity strikes low to the ground.

    CONS: Little to no bend prevalent on tape. Passively accepts OTs pushing him beyond the pocket on almost every rush rep. Can corner with agility, but inability/unwillingness to get low and rush through outside shoulder with tilt significantly caps effectiveness as an outside linebacker/stand-up 7-technique. Rarely dips his shoulder in an attempt to clear the tackle's cylinder; throws one rush move and has little else if it doesn't work. Doesn't bring his hips through his bull rush and can't continue displacement after initial strike.

    Despite success shucking blocks, rarely gets involved on initial tackle, often due to lack of awareness regarding where the back is, and where he's going. Struggles reading leverage on kick-out blocks and will get logged easily when he should have kept outside leverage, and vice versa. Issues with leverage and feeling blocks shows up in space as well; can be downblocked by slot receivers and tight ends and eliminated from play. Not a good tackler who lunges and melts off of too many attempts to ignore. Will come to contact half-heartedly.