Josiah Deguara

TE, Cincinnati

  • Conf American Athletic - East
  • Jersey #83
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 02/14/1997
  • WT 245 lbs



    PROS: Versatile blocker and receiver. Can win both in-line and flexed as a receiver with experience running routes to all levels of the field. Like his route pace and timing - showcases a strong understanding of reading coverage and adjusting on the fly. Vertical route running skills are excellent. Does well to execute seamless vertical cuts and selling them. Good balance and posture as a route runner. Has proven to be an effective seam-busting target with excellent ball skills. Natural tracking and adjusting skills to the football in the air. Hands are soft and secure. Illustrates the ability to consistently catch the football outside of this frame while tightly holding on through contact. Finds success working in space as a positional blocker. Overall blocking effort is outstanding. Has enough juice, decisiveness and physicality to be effective after the catch. Outstanding competitor. 

    CONS: Modest physical traits in terms of size, length and athletic ability - fairly ordinary across the board. Needs to get stronger to find success blocking in the trenches at the next level. He competes hard but his lack of strength, length and consistency staying square are limiting as a blocker. Not a true above the rim guy that is going to extend his catch radius vertically or a candidate for jump ball opportunities. 

    BEST TRAIT - Competitive Toughness

    WORST TRAIT - Pedestrian Physical Ability

    RED FLAGS - None

    NFL COMP - Tyler Conklin

    Pop on Josiah Deguara’s tape and you will immediately appreciate his competitive toughness. Whether it’s exchanging power in the trenches, competing with the ball in his hands, trailing plays as they elongate down the field to hit a block or busting his ass to tackle an intercepting defender, he brings the juice. Deguara brings a balanced skill set to the table in terms of blocking and receiving where he’s been productive on both fronts in college. The challenge with Deguara and forecasting him at the next level is that he has pedestrian physical gifts and isn’t dominant in any one area. With that said, his proficiency in multiple areas profiles him well as a TE2 that should provide valuable depth and meaningful special teams contributions to his NFL team. His ceiling is modest but his floor is high.