Jordyn Brooks

LB, Texas Tech

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB --
  • WT 245 lbs



    PROS: Big, physical and rangy linebacker that thrives attacking downhill. Has outstanding range for his size and he can influence all the way to each sideline in lateral pursuit. Explosive tackler with outstanding form, balance and hitting power. Generally processes inside run plays accurately and triggers correctly. Slippery working through and around contact in pursuit. Was often tasked with spy responsibilities and he has the mobility to do so effectively. Outstanding gap shooting ability against the run and pass. Has the mobility needed to develop in coverage and defend short zones although he is unproven. Outstanding tackle production across four seasons. Has tone-setting qualities due to his size, frame and physical demeanor. Urgent football player with a motor that always runs hot. Does well to control his speed and physical nature to remain balanced, stay square and play within himself. Has no physical restrictions. 

    CONS:  Completely unproven in coverage, rarely ever taking steps backwards. Gets panicky in zone coverage. More of a see ball, chase ball defender that is reactionary without much anticipation. Want to see him more consistently take on blocks as opposed to working around them and taking himself out of his run fits. Needs to get his hands more involved when playing through contact. Modest change of direction skills and he’s more of a linear athlete. 

    BEST TRAIT - Size, Speed

    WORST TRAIT - Coverage

    RED FLAGS - None

    NFL COMP - Al Wilson

    Jordyn Brooks was an effective downhill defender for Texas Tech that racked up 360 tackles across four seasons in college, including 108 tackles and 20 tackles for loss in 11 games as a senior. For a team looking for a big, physical and rangy downhill run defender then Brooks is an ideal target. He is an outstanding tackler and effectively shoots gaps. Outside of processing development that is needed, Brooks is completely unproven in coverage despite four seasons of heavy usage in college. Rarely did he ever take a step backwards, work in man coverage or was tasked with defending deeper zones. While he seemingly has the physical tools to perform, there is likely to be some growing pains as he adds this responsibility to his game. Brooks was often a spy or blitzed on passing downs in college. At a minimum, Brooks should be an early down linebacker and special teams ace but his ability to develop his passing down skills will be critical for him becoming a more complete player.