Jordan Scarlett

RB, Florida

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #25
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 5'10"
  • DOB --
  • WT 206 lbs



    Feet - Love how his feet stay engaged through contact and never stop moving. Fairly rigid when changing directions and he requires numerous additional steps to throttle. Cut timing is inconsistent and his steps are soft pressing the line of scrimmage.

    Vision - Sees through a straw and he lacks a natural feel for anticipating creases. Lives in the moment and rarely is thinking ahead. Lacks confidence and decisiveness pressing the line of scrimmage.

    Pass Protection - Has the makeup of an effective blocker but he’s inconsistent. Poor lateral movement skills make adjustments challenging and he doesn’t initial frame rushers well. Effort is inconsistent.

    Receiving - He struggles to catch the football. The ball regularly eats him up and any threat of imposing contact is a sure drop. Ball just goes right through his palms, even when no adjustments are needed. Drop rate is among the worst I have ever seen. Cannot be relied upon.

    Balance - Contact balance is excellent. Easily absorbs contact and it’s incredible how little affect some his have on him. Exceptional core strength. Does not control his speed well and he loses his footing quite often. Is guilty of playing outside his capabilities with the cuts he attempts to execute.

    Elusiveness - He challenges what he is capable of executing in terms of aggressive cuts and he loses control. Lacks agility. Linear athlete with good burst but change of direction ability is disappointing.

    Power - He’s a tank that delivers crushing blows and doesn’t go down easy. Runs angry. Could do even more to maximize his power by reducing his pad level and running with more forward lean. Daringly explodes into contact.

    Competitive Toughness - When the ball is in his hands, he brings it on every carry. Has an aggressive mindset as a ball carrier and grinds out every inch. His reps in pass protection and running routes leave much to be desired in terms of deliberate execution and effort.

    Versatility - Virtually has no appeal on passing downs due to inconsistent results in pass protection and atrocious hands. Straight ahead runner that lacks nuance. Not sure there is much appeal working him off-tackle.

    BEST TRAIT - Power

    WORST TRAIT - Receiving Skills

    RED FLAGS - Suspended for 2017 season for theft by credit card. Missed bowl game as a freshman due to misdemeanor marijuana charges.

    If you are looking for a downhill, between the tackles banger then Scarlett has appeal. With that said, his lack of vision, nuance, rhythm and a totally unreliable receiving skill set presents considerable restrictions to the role he could play at the next level. In addition, his red flags are notable and his pedestrian skill set makes those components even less desirable to factor into the equation. His best course to sticking at the next level is proving he can dominate on special teams, short yardage and develop his ability to win in pass pro.

    Round Grade - UDFA